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Is Your Sensitive Information Safe When You Outsource Your Ruby on Rails Project?

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In today’s business scenario, almost all organizations – no matter what industry they are in – are information-driven. And these organizations will vouch for the fact that it takes a staggering amount of money for generating and managing data, and for keeping it safe. As a result of this increasing reliance on data, any mishaps, such as data theft and data corruption, can compromise an organization, sometimes even beyond the scope of any damage-control measures. This is particularly true when outsourcing enters the scene, and more specifically, IT outsourcing.

When you outsource Ruby on Rails developers through VirtualEmployee, they know that the importance of data security is non-negotiable and cannot be overemphasized. This outsourcing company has, therefore, put in place measures for making sure that whenever your remote dedicated employee accesses sensitive data he needs to do his job efficiently, the chances of those data being compromised are the minimum possible.

Towards this end, before the remote dedicated employee you select starts work on your Ruby on Rails project, he has to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that strictly prohibits him from disclosing your data, or from letting unauthorized people access your data. Your remote dedicated employee is told right at the start that any breach of the NDA will lead to legal action. Though its a good enough deterrent, VirtualEmployee realizes that it’s not foolproof and, therefore, this is not the only measure taken.

The other and technically more secure measure is creating a virtual work environment for your remote virtual employee to work in. In this virtual work environment, all data is stored in VirtualEmployee virtual server or in your (client’s) server from where it is accessed by your remote employee, worked on, and saved in the server itself. No data is stored in your dedicated virtual employee’s local computer or laptop, which makes sure that any attempt at unauthorized access to your sensitive data is virtually impossible.
In case you so want, VirtualEmployee IT section can also be requested to block access to all personal emails in your remote employees’ laptops. This makes sure no one is able to mail any data out of the office. Along with this, even USB ports in your remote worker’s laptop can be deactivated so that data cannot be smuggled out of office in storage devices, such as, portable hard-disks, and other removable storage drives (pen or thumb drives).

But at the end of the day, nothing deters data-thieves as much as human supervision does. So, VirtualEmployees IT executives keep a constant eye on all network traffic to and from office and make sure that anyone planning to misappropriate your data thinks twice before doing so.

But data-security is not the only factor that VirtualEmployee takes care of. Its services start right when you decide to outsource your Ruby on Rails programmer by helping you hire the remote dedicated employees who are the right fit for your project, and providing them with a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art office with all IT and communications infrastructure needed to work on your project.

In the outsourcing model that is used by this outsourcing company, even though all non-project-related jobs, such as, employees’ salaries and bonuses, are taken care of by them, you, the client, are in total control of your employee as far as project-related work goes. It’s you who sets your employee’s deadlines and targets, allocates work, appraises him, takes care of your remote worker’s doubts and queries, etc. So much so that you even decide your remote dedicated employee’s work-hours.

With these and many other value-added services that has to offer, you can be sure you’re in a win-win situation when you outsource through them.


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  • Posted On April 12, 2012
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