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It can not help but speculate whether her world

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Sweet ‘cool spring and summer
An sweet juvenile interesting face, it can not help but speculate whether her world did not bother. However, when she also wanted to mature or cold, but found that no matter how serious expression, is still that worry-free face; wearing no matter how mature are the little girl stealing wearing mother clothes look like. In fact, dress completely do not need a big shake, clever use of single items or accessories, will be able to play it cool.
01 rich bohemian pattern interpretation of the intrinsic sinking passionate heart, a deep V shape in the national wind dissemination of sexy feelings, unable to extricate themselves immersed therein, the jingling Haowan on hand ring wake-up walk of God brain, trailing from the chain Check the package together karen millen sale with the black leather stitching, heavy metal rock flavor wells.
02 bright colors is a summer favorite, while wake-up vision, side cool Jieshu. Chest of simple English words is the clarity of focus in the sky blue. Wonderful black letters with a black net yarn skirt to echo, at first glance thought it was a T-shirt in the chest to dig hollow letters, exposing the inside of the little black sling. The use of jazz hat the integration of leisure pastoral fashion and fast-paced city life, unique.
03 Halter sling compared to the two side straps, sexy, sultry, smooth lines of Bra-style piece pants, a great big style in karen millen australia one go. Bohemian national pattern in the lazy sense at this time in full, accompanied by a cool and comfortable flip flops, like a beach stroll and enjoy the sea breeze in the evening dusk.
04 Junichi black cuffs and collar at the cost mind design is indeed unique novelty. Black with gray stitching is more gentle than the white, even if the sleeve is completely down, but also has a sleeve to create the perfect proportion. The unique shape of the collar, sexy collarbone be emphasized, and both V-neck thin little face. To break the conventional shape of the collar, not cool it?
05 black and white like a woman in front of different people and things showing on both sides, white, gentle, charming, innocent Smart distressing heart, the mysterious black sexy, wise silence was bad. No matter which side of the irresistible charm. You ready now?
06 Butterflies, romantic and beautiful story, abstract expression in a gorgeous and colorful pattern on to become dreamy and soft. Pink tone, everything seemed calm and natural. The court atmosphere Bubble pleated sleeves to hide the evil BYE-BYE meat without a trace. Headlong into the waistband of wear, adding to the handsome handsome, filling the cool temperament.
07 fake tie in terms of the glamorous fashion T station, or coming and going of fashion street, have become an essential decorative elements. It changes allow the heart of a woman changing shape of water. The karen millen outlet sleek, sleeveless T extremely Europe and the United States range of children, the ebb tide fine belt is also doing all it can to holding holding elegant flashing golden streamer, stylish and personalized.


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