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It is believed that the Shaolin Temple in China was set up by an Indian Buddhist

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The practice of Shaolin Kung Fu by the particular order of the Buddhist Monks of the Shaolin Temple was a part of their religious practice and training. Shaolin Kung Fu is not a martial art in the conventional meaning of martial art but a discipline, a way of life for the followers; the Shaolin temple monks. <p>

It is believed that the Shaolin Temple in China was set up by an Indian Buddhist monk who went to China at the behest of the then Emperor of the country. Hence there is a long and deep-rooted historical connection between Shaolin and India. Although there is no formal Shaolin Kung Fu School since Shaolin Kung Fu is taught at the Shaolin Temple Monastery where the monks take very few students after rigorous tests and procedures.  This is the reason why there are very few authentic Shaolin Kung Fu teachers who can honestly claim that they have trained at the Temple Monastery. <p>

Shaolin India<p>

Shaolin King Fu is brought back to India by a few dedicated and skilled masters who have had the privilege of training at the Monastery. Shaolin India or the Indian branch of the Chinese Temple Monastery training is an attempt of these masters to impart the knowledge and skill that they have derived from their rigorous training in China to the people of India. Only that <a href=””>Shaolin Kung Fu School</a> that has been established by these trainers who have been trained at the Chinese monastery.   <p>

There are more than 1500 different styles in <a href=””>Shaolin Kung Fu</a> developed in the Temple. There are also some styles that are derived from these temple styles. Even among the temple derived Shaolin Kung Fu styles there are two distinct categories; the Northern Temple Styles and the Southern Temple Styles both having emphasis on distinct techniques. The techniques that are taught at the schools of Shaolin in India are derived from both these distinct styles.  Most of the techniques of each of the Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu School are the styles at the Shaolin India Schools.  <p>

For enthusiasts who wish to learn the martial art and skill of Shaolin in India itself, the Shaolin Kung Fu School is a good option but care has to be taken to find the authenticity of the trainers and masters who run the Shaolin Kung Fu School in the area. Because it is not possible to learn the complete way of life that is professed by the monks of the Shaolin Monastery where martial art techniques is but a very small part of the true Shaolin Kung Fu skills. <p>


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