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Japanese game rich deficits $ 700 mollion overnight due to the control of virtual trading

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   Do you still complaining with your failure life? Now it is better to look at the youngest Japan billionaire Tanaka today, who relying on his own hard work to have today’s success, however, only one day, he lost $ 700 million.
    According to the Yomiuri Shimbun reported, the Japanese government issued a new policy this weekend to limit the social game no longer ask players additional charge due to the sale of props and equipment. With this restriction policy, Tanaka, the young rich man’s game company’s share price fell sharply, and its assets loss $ 700,000,000 overnight.

    In today’s Japan, a new word, “kompu gacha”, meaning “full unlock” on behalf of the players collect a set of homogeneous game card to redeem the prize. According to a survey conducted by the TechInAsia website, money and effort spent by the players translation came often up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to realize fully unlock.

    Two game companies Gree and the DeNA uses a similar means of charges in its production of the social game, allowing the two companies became the highest profit margin companies, and the 35-year-old Tanaka has become a billionaire, so Forbes viewed him as “the world’s second-youngest self-made billionaire ” named after Mark Zuckerberg (FACKBOOK founder)

    Previously, we reported the news that the Japanese players spend expensive in order to collect game cards. The Japanese government finally determines the “full unlock” marketing means violate relevant laws – “unfair premium method “and suspected of using gambler psychology of players to make fraud.

Before the Japanese media reported repeatedly that the players spend muchin the card game. However, according to the famous Japanese blogger Chiho Komoriya who pointed out that “full unlock” is already exist in the online games, but it was not until after the online social gaming has recently become popular (and profitable), the Japanese government was really started to pay attention to this phenomenon.

With the government introduced a series of restrictive policies to the social game, two games company Gree and the DeNA’s stock price fell sharply. Gree’s stock price has been lower limit, while Tanaka who holding 49% stake of the company evaporated 700 million U.S. dollars assets overnight.

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