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Job Seekers Need Android Training Classes

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As reported by Chitika Analytics, a strong analytics corporation located in the United states, Apple’s iOS ended up being outdone by Android’s products in North America towards the end of December 2011. However , NetMarketShare, an organization which tracks geographical use of products, declares iOS still has a hold on the worldwide mobile browsing marketplace, as per a article. Both os’s are very popular throughout businesses for presentations and meetings, and corporations are urging staff members  go through iOS and classes for java training programming.

NetMarketShare figures point towards Apple’s control within the world wide marketplace. The company’s market share was 52% in comparison to a 16.2% share held by Android. In second position was Java ME coming in with a market share of 21.27%. The data made available from Chitika Analytics are different from the ones available from NetMarketShare. According to Chitika, post-Christmas Android’s market share grew from 46.1% to 51.6% exhibiting a 5.5% surge in mobile browsing. Android mobile browsing includes the Kindle Fire, while Apples iOS operated products include the iPad and iPod Touch.

Further promises of Androids’ results

The results provided by Chitika Analytics correspond with the data supplied by Andy Rubin, the head of Google’s Android mobile division. In a twitter update Andy Rubin claimed that Google experienced approximately 700,000 Google Android devices running everyday at the end of December. On the 24th and 25th of December, the quantity of Google Android models turned on touched an astonishing 3.7 million.

Nevertheless, these results didn’t include Amazons Kindle Fire and other appliances that do not contact Google’s web servers. But Chitika incorporated these devices in their count. If the numbers are split up, the iPhone and iPad both equally take up 25% of the total tally’s share. Concerning Android’s market share of 16.2%; 0.5% is actually held by the most recent 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich, 1% by 3.0 Honeycomb, 4% by 2.2 Froyo and 9% by 2.3 Gingerbread. Amazon reports that it ended up selling “millions” of Kindles in December, but the number has not yet exceeded the number of Kindle Fires. These are Amazons tablets which allow web browsing.

Android related employment

Chitika’s stats are also in keeping with those of, a well liked job website. The website found that Android affiliated opportunities expanded by 33% over the last quarter of December 2011, while job opportunities dealing with iPhone products and services improved by 18%. The Android opportunities increased from 1,845 to 2,454 even as iPhone product or service job opportunities rose from 3,120 to 3,682. With a rise in the need for specialists possessing familiarity with these kinds of os’s, the demand for iOS and python classes covering Android particularly are also ever-increasing. The Chief Executive of, Matt Barrie, stipulated that at this pace, by the end of this year, Android employment opportunities could eclipse the iOS positions.

Chitika’s methodology

Chitika utilizes mobile impressions seen on advertising networks spanning practically all os’s in their calculations. Even tablets are part of the calculations. The Chitika group consists of thousands of different publishers, which helps ensure a neutral and rational sample of the total web traffic. The research is limited to Canada and the US. The firm stipulated they’re unacquainted with the techniques employed by NetMarketShare.


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