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Joker Robs a Cop and Battles with Excellent Spiderman and Neat Frozen Elsa in Real Life – Tiny Hu

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Spiderman in real life plus Frozen Elsa Disney are following a romantic backyard picnic. Spiderman in real life looks at Frozen Elsa Disney and hearts appear. Pregnant Frozen Elsa discusses Spiderman Marvel Comics and minds appear. In front of these on the picnic blanket is a lot of food that is yummy looking.
From where they are hiding on the medial side of the house tHE JOKER QUINN see the picnic. Harley rubs her belly as if to say she’s famished and pulls on the sleeve. The Joker pats her head, and movements for her to follow him.
A POLICE OFFICER walks about facing the drive. He will not notice Harley Quinn and The Joker sneak up on him. Harley whacks him in the back of the top with her bat, and he falls down unconscious.
Frozen Elsa in real life plus Spider man Marvel Comics look lovingly at bad baby . Suddenly, The Joker (wearing the policeman’s apparel) comes into the backyard. He movements for Elsa Frozen and Spiderman in real life to operate. He’s them remain against the fence with their arms and legs spread-out. Spiderman transforms to look at him, nevertheless, the Joker drives him to face the fencing. The Joker motions for Harley to creep in to the lawn once he could be not uncertain they won’t reverse around. Harley and the Joker sit and start to eat the picnic foods.
Superhero in real life transforms, raising his hands as if to ask what exactly is going on. The Joker motions for him to turn back near. Bad baby as well as Pink Spidergirl in real life appear at each other and sigh.
Joker and Harley have fully eaten the meals. joker sneaks from the lawn while the Joker transforms Bad baby dad including Pink Spidergirl about. Can’t do such a thing about it, although they look stunned that their foods has been eaten. The Joker tips his cap and walks out of the yard. Merely as he leaves, the real policeman (in a naked man match) comes working into the back yard. He holds up a picture of the Joker, Spider man and Frozen Elsa Disney shake their heads. He factors to the Joker image and his dearth of uniform. Bad baby nods strenuously and points to where the Joker departed.
The naked policeman, Frozen Anna, and Funny Superhero enter the front yard to see the Joker and Harley. The Joker h-AS his hands directed as if they’re a gun, and i


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