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Just how Fleet Management Software Can help the Agriculture Industry

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Each and every farmer requires an extra hand, and it can be in the form of a literal man who’s out and about generating good quality money out in the field, or perhaps a useful companion by means of fleet management software.

Yes you heard it right. It’s not just delivery trucks, trucking businesses, or freight companies. Even farmers need a bit of extra help doing administrative stuff. Why so?

Farmers aren’t just occupied toiling in the warmth of the sun, and it’s not simply land which they keep themselves hectic with. They likewise have to do field records, livestock, mapping, accounting, and most importantly they run fleets. That’s where fleet management software comes in. 

Fleet management software can help you with the following:

1. Since your fleet works in several of the most dreadful and abusive environment, it deserves proper maintenance. The software will help you keep an eye on maintenance, and ensure the perfect operation of your farming tools. For every single farmer, this can be a basic need. Preventive maintenance is vital to the cost-effectiveness of one’s machines.

2. Tracking system – it’s essential to track your vehicles and equipment. Track for what you ask? Track for make, model, class, division, customer, location, shop, job site along with other methods. Tracking systems also have reports for your viewing that records the cost per mile, fuel consumption, maintenance and fix cost and all the other data you need to keep you conscious of the cost-effectiveness of your fleet.

3. Fleet management software has over a hundred reports to offer you the following: cost of your equipment and fuel efficiency, purchase order and vendor tracking, inventory of parts and lists, parts tagging, parts usage tracking, fuel transaction, pump and tank reporting, fuel billing reporting, customer billing reports, departmental cost reporting and many other reports to meet your data needs. You can even fine tune these reports to obtain the data you’re looking for.

4. As previously discussed, the software also offers full featured tire tracking (not all, but most of fleet management software companies). This tire tracking informs you of the history of the tire – from birth to death, a tire recapping reporting and tracking, tire use tracking, if it fails you also have a report, a tire inventory, and remarkably, a predictive failure reporting. Something such as this proves to be a worthwhile ally of farmers.

It’s correct that occasionally farmers spend more time in the office doing admin duties than what they’re supposed to be doing – farming! Having said that, one cannot elect to remove these admin duties because they are also necessary to the survival of the farm. The answer is to acquire the right fleet management software to ensure that you manage operations, therefore making the farm profitable.

Complete reporting solutions can actually help the farming industry with the upkeep of its fleet. But it can’t be just any fleet management software, in order to get the best, you need to pay for it. Additionally, it needs to be versatile enough for your needs. Fleet Maintenance Software is a feature rich solution for small companies to big ones managing 250,000 vehicles, that is sure to fit your budget.


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  • Posted On June 20, 2012
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