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Justin Bieber gets into a fight with a photographer

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The victim’s version is that the singer attacked and injured him. The cameraman from some popular American newspapers filed a complaint against a well known Canadian singer Justin Bieber. As the photographer states: the singer beat him up when he was trying to take a picture of Justin and his companion. The incident occurred on 27th March 2012 in Calabasas city. 18-year-old Justin and his 19-year-old friend Selena Gomez were walking near a mall where the victim tried to photograph them.

The photographer describes a physical attack in his complaint. The fact that the guy was injured was confirmed by the police sheriff Liliana Pek. As per her words, the photographer received emergency medical help at the place of incident after which he was taken up to a healthcare facility for examination. Law enforcement are trying to find the witnesses. Bieber and his friend walked away from the scene before the police came. Bieber recently purchased a house in Calabasas for 6,5 million dollars. There are 8 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, library, cinema and wine cellar inside that house.

Justin Bieber has many awards. One of them is Artist of the Year, which he got in 2010 at the American Music Awards ceremony. Besides that he was nominated to become a the top new artist of the best pop-album at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

As for today Justin sold 15 million copies of his albums. He gained his popularity due to his videos on YouTube where he performed his R-n-B style songs. Recently Justin Bieber became a leader among the musical performers, who are watched on YouTube.

Canadian pop-artist Justin Bieber got a concussion by smashing into a glass wall.

Canadian pop-artist Justin Bieber got a concussion by smashing right into a glass wall, reports ABC News. The artist smashed into a transparent glass wall when he was coming down from the stage during his concert in Paris. Bieber managed to continue his concert, however after the concert was over, the doctors diagnosed a concussion. “We will meet again, glass. I will get revenge. Bieber vs. Glass”-commented Bieber in his microblog.

18 year old Justin Bieber is regarded as just about the most popular artists among teenagers in USA. In Twitter he’s at a second place after Lady Gaga. His microblog is read by 22 million users.

In 2010 Bieber experienced a similar incident when he smashed into a revolving clear glass door.

Bieber stays popular even after fans learn about not-so-good incidents that happen to him. The fans are ready to listen to him anytime and anyplace regardless his reputation. His face can often be seen all over the net at unofficial homepages and blogs. It’s very doubtful that nowadays you’ll be able to meet a teenager who doesn’t know who Justin Bieber is, what his most popular songs are and what was the ost recent thing he wrote in his blog.

The fans were especially grateful when they learned about the upcoming release of the new Justin’s album. The lyrics of the new songs are being searched all over the internet. Justin Bieber’s lyrics to new songs are the most expected to awaited lyrics. At the same time lyrics for Canadian Swag are also very long-awaited by his fans.


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