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Kalon McMahon: The Bachelorette Villain Ready to Flake Out Over Emily Maynard’s Daughter?

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Kalon McMahon: The Bachelorette Villain Ready to Flake Out Over Emily Maynard’s Daughter?


The Bachelorette

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star Emily Maynard’s #1 priority is her 6-year-old daughter, Ricki. Kalon McMahon, a.k.a. the “villain” that ABC really wants you to hate (and a bunch of the guys probably do) this season, apparently feels otherwise.


On tonight’s episode, he makes his feelings about fatherhood known.


“I always had believed that my first child would be one of my own, so obviously embracing you and Ricki as a part of my life … it’s not the way I wrote it up in my journal as a kid,” he boldly admits to the Charlotte, N.C. single mom.


Taken aback, Maynard asks the helicopter-riding douche to think of his own mother, who raised him as a single

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 parent, but Kalon immediately cuts her off.


“I love it when you talk, but I wish you’d let me finish,” he snaps.


That comment will put Maynard even more on edge. “I love tall, skinny and funny, but I don’t love tall, skinny and condescending!” she snaps at him.


Ouch. Another hopeful, Alessandro, reportedly tells her something similar tonight: “I don’t have a lot of experience with kids. You’ve got to teach me.”


Not surprisingly, this doesn’t go over well with Em:


“You see that as a compromise, not an honor? My daughter isn’t a compromise … anybody I spend the rest of my life with is going to see that as the biggest bonus ever.”


Bam. Will either or both of these guys get roses tonight? Who will make it to the end this season? Follow this link for The Bachelorette spoilers we know so far.

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“After, rubbing and cracking my 

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back and rubbing his hands down the back of my shorts and then blowing on the stomach,” the witness said.


The witness then breathed heavily. He followed with a deep sniff of his noise, then hung his head and openly wept. “He … He put … “


There was a prolonged sigh. An attempt at a breath. A loud cry.


“He put his mouth on my privates,” the witness said through a broken voice, seemingly just trying to spit it out the painful visions.


“I spaced. I didn’t know what to do with all the thoughts running through my head. I just blacked out. I didn’t want it to happen. I was froze.”


The acts of oral sex continued for months, he testified, saying he was too embarrassed and confused to tell anyone what happened.


He also feared no one would believe him. Time after time he found himself back in Sandusky’s basement, where he often stayed 2-3 nights a week.


“It was always the same routine,” the witness said.


“Cracking my back, rubbing my back, putting his hands down my shorts, after that, it was always after he blew on my stomach that it happened. He would always blow on my stomach; as soon as he blew on my stomach that’s when it would happen.”


It was always Sandusky performing the act, the witness said, until one night.


“It was pretty much like any 

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normal time with Jerry,” the witness said before breaking down and crying harder and harder. “This time he sat there,” the witness said, voice breaking. “He looked at me and said something along the lines … “




“… ‘It’s your turn.’ He made me … “


The witness cried intensely, putting his face into his hands as the courtroom watched. “… He made me put my mouth on his privates.”


On cross examination, defense attorney Joe Amendola focused on the witness’s changing and evolving telling of the story to officials, including inconsistencies with dates, acts and the number of sexual encounters.


Many of the witness’s previous retellings of the story – to a parade of guidance counselors, social workers, police and across three sessions in front of two different grand juries – don’t mesh in the precise details.


For example, one time the witness said Sandusky didn’t touch his private area, five months later he said that Jerry Sandusky in fact did.


“Whatever came first, I told the least amount to make it as easy on myself … I don’t remember what I testified,” the witness said later.


“All I know is it happened … I may have white lied to cover embarrassment when I told some people. But I am here now telling the truth to the fullest.”


Follow the link to continue reading Yahoo Sports’ exhaustive trial coverage …


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