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Key Features of the Samsung DCS 500 SIP Handsets

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Samsung DCS 500 SIP handsets are one of the many ingenious electronic products manufactured by Samsung. These handsets took the world by storm since their introduction to the market a few years ago. The growing popularity of Samsung DCS phones warrants a discussion of the features of this handset. Some of the features of the Samsung DCS handsets include:

DISA- the Direct Inward System Access is a special feature, which allows individuals outside the office to call on a special DISA line. Upon entry of a security pass, access is gained to the feature and the individuals can have access to paging resources, effect outside calls through the office lines, make calls within the system- among other things. One possible danger associated with the use of this feature is that hackers can try to dial the DISA number repeatedly with the hope of gaining access to your system. However, this danger was addressed by the Samsung DCS 500 SIP, which records the number of incorrect attempts and disables the system when a certain mark is reached. It is worthy to note that this security feature is programmable and hence users can suit it to preferred preferences. Security can be enhanced by placing a low number of attempts.

Contact to the system operator. This is as easy as it could get. By simply dialing “0”, an assigned operator can be contacted without receiving a busy signal. When the operator is busy, the calls will simply be queued. Furthermore, in this regard, these calls are easy to identify because a rapidly flashing light will appear on the “call key.”

Barging-in feature- When senior executives and other supervisors want to interrupt into a conversation on the Samsung DCS 500 SIP handsets, they are allowed to do so. However, ‘barging-in’ must be permitted by the current users of the handset. Also, the station must be unsecured.

An automatic night service feature- This feature, which is unique to the Samsung DCS 500 SIP handsets enables the phones to ring differently depending on the time of the day. Now what are the implications of this? Simple, when it is nighttime, the night service feature allows the incoming calls to ring differently. This can be effected both automatically and manually.

Authorization codes- In order to ensure only authorized persons make calls, the Samsung DCS 500 SIP handsets have made provision for authorization codes to validate users. There are mainly four digit codes, which can be assigned to different classes of service.

Provision to enter into a group or move out- The Samsung DCS 500 SIP facilitates flexibility by allowing stations to move out of one station group and join another. This is through an “IN/OUT” key, which when pressed removes or places a station into a group. It is worthy to note that a station need not be confined into one group.

Other features of the Samsung DCS 500 SIP include the use of the Timeline, an Alarm Sensor Operation, the walking class of service, and many other features to be noted upon use of the handsets.

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