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Key Points for Safe Operation of Sand Maker

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After the installation of the sand making machine, it will be applied in the production. The new sand making machine has the characteristics of large output, low energy consumption, which also can fully meet your needs within plan date. However, if you want the sand making machine serve you better, you should be better maintain the equipments. Although the machine is not live, they still need maintain as you need to eat when you are hungry and you need have a rest when you are tired. Here we list five taboos in the operation of a sand making machine to avoid you the duplication of efforts.

1, do not operate the machine without reading the instructions

After you purchase and receive the equipment you should carefully read the related use illustrative material of the sand making machine to familiar with the use and maintenance status of the sand making machine. Do not operate the machine without skilled understanding of the machine, in case to lead unnecessary accidents.

2, do not use unqualified power

Do not use unqualified power, not put electrode not well roasting. Pay attention to the electrode quality when slipping the electrode and a few minutes after slipping the electrode. Do not move electrodes the motor as soon as possible and adopt various measures to prevent electrode soft-off. Treat it immediately once there is a soft off. cement rotating dryer:
drum dryer:

3, do not operate the machine with stuffs in the machine

Before start a sand making machine, you should examine whether there is mineral or iron block in the machine. Sand making machine does not permit working under loads, which will probably cause electrical trip or damaging parts of the machine, so make sure whether there is ore or other materials in the machine, if so, remove them before starting.

This sand production line has features of high automation, low operating costs, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large output, convenient maintenance, uniform granularity and good shape of the products, reasonable gradation, and the produced sand conforms to the national standard of construction sand.

Tips on Safe Operation:

During operation, keep watch over all the meters in order to make sure that they are in normal operation and there exists no abnormal sound in all the components.

The interlocking devices of the crusher cannot be removed in any case.

Keep far away from the jaw crusher while it is in operation.

Anyone should not touch the large ores or rocks in the machine with hands while the machine is in operation.

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