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Kingsoft 360 to choke the highest compensate pays buys 8000

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Yesterday morning, Jinshan network announced the launch of cooperation with China PICC (PICC) online shopping dare lose services, Duba and cheetah browser users encounter the Trojans or phishing sites online shopping for property damage, Jinshan Cheap Onitsuka Tiger dare compensable service apply compensation, the maximum payment amount for 8000 yuan. Afternoon, the 360 ??is very “understanding” to launch a similar service, called “net share losses for its first, and compensation should be increased to a maximum of 36,000 yuan.
‘m Free, dare to be responsible for it? This is the Jinshan network recently sent to the 360 ??challenge. However, like the pace of history through the emergence of a new era is destined to a bloody change, destined to lead a new round of division of the forces of war, and the war of words is a concentrated expression of the primary stage.
July 11, Jinshan network and the Chinese People’s Insurance launched the first online shopping dare compensation insurance, to provide risk guarantee to Jinshan users encounter online shopping fraud, annual maximum sum insured is 8000 yuan.
So-called “online shopping dare compensation insurance” refers to the Jinshan network spend to buy an insurance policy for each user to the Chinese People’s Insurance, property damage due to security issues, are available up to 8000 yuan a year, the insurance coverage, including charges users of the products covered include Duba and cheetah browser.
2012 Chinese website credible verification development of the industry report shows, as of the end of June 2012, about 31.8 percent of the online shopping population have experienced a phishing site or fraudulent websites, a conservative estimate, each year resulting in property damage of not less than 308 million.
Fu Sheng, CEO of Kingsoft Internet, the Internet, including online shopping platform, third-party payment, online banking fraud phishing site class there is no clear division of responsibilities. “
It is understood that the Jinshan online shopping dare compensation insurance is a commercial insurance, which is equivalent to the Jinshan ruler to the PICC for the user to purchase an insurance policy, insurance amounted to 8000 yuan a year, when the user Duba or cheetah browser for online shopping suffered property losses due to the Trojans, phishing sites, available a year for payments of up to 8000 yuan, the user does not need to pay any Asics Mexico 66 costs.
It is worth noting that the 360 ??and Jinshan network the two “dare to lose insurance, online shopping is a pioneer in terms of online shopping up for Experian harmless” online shopping dare to lose insurance “strategy might not be the most good program.
Fu Sheng, CEO of Kingsoft Internet 360 no ability to implement the “free + responsible for the” mode: 360 data provided by 360 security market coverage of over 90%, 50% of users have experienced online fraud, if the promotion of “free + responsible for mode , 360 Guardian of the user so the online shopping fraud rate, will allow the company to face can not afford the huge premium. “
360 “net share losses for its first service Similarly, users on the net purchase bodyguard 360 security guards losses for its first mode, once the losses, you can enter the fast claims processes, economic losses have been available after confirmation cash compensation, the user is also required to pay any cash.
“Subsidizing” marketing stir antivirus market
Jinshan move on Qihoo 360 response has been very strong, first Fusheng Gong, CEO of Kingsoft Internet open, said, “Gold Mountain today just to make online shopping dare lose a service upgrade, Zhou Zongli engraved again minimally 360 Payout in the past years, 360 have been keeping up with the pace of the Duba, a functional copy an online shopping bodyguard, U disk guard, 10MB Cheetah, etc., all 360 of copying some friends that have a wrong impression, that I have not left the 360 . Discourse, full of ironic feeling of discontent, however accustomed to the Zhou of the vortex of public opinion this time has as yet not been responded to.
Fu Sheng’s remarks immediately drew the attention of many internet users, most people eventually joined the camp of Jinshan, have antivirus software into the subsidizing era, Jinshan is a step ahead, this will probably be effective in stimulating the transformation of user habits.
After this, Kingsoft has again issued a public statement, that user will be appended to dare to lose the services to achieve the double protection, users $ 8000 Payout gold is used up, Jinshan network Asics Kinsei 2 will also provide for payments of 48,360 yuan fund.
Kingsoft also said very much appreciate Qihoo 360 began to care about the user’s behavior, starting to focus on the browser’s security problems. Qihoo 360 can be compensation levels were elevated to level Jinshan same, do not play the numbers game, the real and do practical things for the user.
As of press time, Qihoo 360 did not respond to the remarks of the Kingsoft.
An Internet analysts said in an interview time by charges to the antivirus software industry free of charge can be described as a radical change, that change, transition, the slower the company was caught in a predicament. Subsidizing the era, although not as the last change is more vigorous, but its positive impact can be foreseen, other antivirus companies followed by an inevitable trend.
Since 2008, 360, Kingsoft, Rising domestic anti-virus vendors have announced free, this area seems to have bottom, penetrated into almost all industries, when the Internet model, however, has always been cautious software vendors also showed the The Internet sector is not new but time-tested nirvana: lose, this is an “Internet-taste” of the pie.
Jinshan network officially declared that the flag poisoned hegemony, the number of monthly coverage of the two products of the security guards have been over 100 million. 360 Official data show that the user has more than 400 million, a huge user base coupled with the large amount of the debts, domestic manufacturers are generous users flattered.
From the antivirus software industry since 2008, and 360 under the leadership of the Anti-Virus vendors have joined the free mode, free mode is fast replacing the it is anbojk ljy 2012-7-12 charging mode, into a booster to the downturn in the domestic anti-virus software market, the current domestic The top anti-virus software, only Jiangmin not completely free of charge. With cloud computing technology matures, cloud security has brought a new wave of technological revolution of the anti-virus software, Anti-Virus vendors in droves, and expansion of market scale and the growing threat as online shopping, online shopping Payout mode seems will soon become anti-virus software to fight the new “big kill”.
The Peifu competition war ignite exclusive competition extension
In fact, the Duba since October last year on the launch of the online shopping Payout services, online shopping, Duba dare lose mode of the debts of the amount of up to 500 yuan, online shopping in the Jinshan dare to lose the services directly to the amount of upper limit of 16 times, 360 simply the amount directly to Cheap Asics Shoes 36000, is 4.5 times that of Jinshan.
Fu Sheng said, welcome to Qihoo 360 and other browser vendors Payout field, as well as “micro-innovation” try to share with the network access. However, 360 of the surprise so that Fu Sheng, CEO of Kingsoft Internet have been caught unprepared for the 360 ??tempered in the competition and Jinshan, such a figure is clearly not the end, the Payout mode has become a foregone conclusion, the Peifu amount of race war just lit .
Fu Sheng obviously do not want to let that happen, it announced the launch of online shopping losses for its first service at 360, Fu Sheng, the microblogging said “We are prepared attracts the end of the numbers game.” A digital Biao smoke flavor is more important .
Rival as the top two anti-virus market, at any time, do not forget to suppress the other side, Kingsoft Internet online shopping and losses for its first support for the 26 kinds of major browsers including IE, Chrome and other, with the exception does not include the 360 ??browser device. Fu Sheng has its own reason: “360 as early as a few years ago had been blocked Jinshan network shield and refused to Jinshan network embedded control code requires Duba can not be done to identify phishing sites, it can not users of these browsers net purchase in advance the the Peifu service. “Similarly, 360 online shopping losses for its first service does not support the the Jinshan Cheetah browser.
CNZZ before data show that, Internet Explorer, 360′s browser (not including the Window of the World) respectively account for 51.89%, 27.17% market share. Cheetah browser just to end the closed beta stage, the current user base is not, from that point on in terms of blocking each other 360 smaller impact.


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