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Know Your Friend and Foe – Hire a Private Detective

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There are many occasions when you find it difficult to understand what the other person is upto (detective), or what your competitors are planning to do next or who has committed the crime, or has spoilt the sport.

This is the time when you think of hiring a detective.

This is what the profession of private detectives proliferating at. There are many individuals, corporate and even government agencies who seek help of detectives in many complicated cases when they need to know ‘who’ or ‘how’ of any unexpected event.

Some of the common incidents when people or organizations call for a private detective are:



Personal – Sometimes persons who suspect their spouse engaged in adultery but just are not sure of it and want to gather sufficient evidences of it before taking action in this regard often wish to hire a private detective for the purpose. This certainly seems something abnormal but sometimes becomes necessary to do and is better than just grueling oneself into the mental trauma. Some other incidences when people often seek help of a detective are investigating the whereabouts of debtors who just disappear after borrowing huge sum from one or many persons. The service is also used when someone has been issued legal summons but is no longer living at his given address. Therefore the detective is assigned the task to find out whereabouts of the person and bring him to books.

Commercial – There are many cases when companies need to engage private detectives to carry out required investigations in different matters. These mostly include pre-employment verifications, post-employment verifications, due diligence & credit worthiness, frauds, cheating and embezzlements, risk analysis etc.

Another major emerging field in this range is cyber crimes which many of the organizations use private detective for.

Surveillance – Other than above, there are some requirements which individuals and organizations both may come across, such as information gathering. In nutshell a detective helps you know about Who, doing What, Where, When, Why, and How. There is a very wide criteria of situations where someone can involve a detective.

Besides above, there are many cases wherein private detectives are hired such as in legal profession, asset verifications, insurance investigations, under-cover operations, surveillance, finger print, handwriting verifications, industrial espionage and counter espionage risk analysis, debugging etc. organizations often use private detectives for investigating resumes of prospective candidates as it is said that most of them are often manipulated and don’t carry factual information. Likewise some large organizations also use detective services to keep watch on activities of some key persons when there is a doubt of double crossing and treachery.

Those who want to seek help of private detectives to solve their puzzles should make sure that the organizations have wide enough network, instruments, experience and approach to carry out the task. In case of international investigations the detective company should either be capable of conducting them efficiently or should have links with detective agencies in target country.

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