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Knowing the Kind of Condoms That Suit Your Physical Needs

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Dim lights on, trousers on the floor, girlfriend waiting on the bed-you are definitely poised to have a busy night ahead. However, before you pull your boxers down, there is one thing you have to remember before diving under the sheets: protection.

Indeed, if you do not have plans to face new responsibilities 9 months after the night’s tempting indulgence, remember to have rubber ready. However, before you pull out one, make sure that you got the right kind.

To further help you secure the right latex for an upcoming sultry encounter, here are other practical insights to remember:

1. Do not be afraid to try new varieties. Although you may have apprehensions about trying new kinds of rubber with a partner, remember there are types that are specially designed to add more pleasure to intercourse. Speaking of which, here are popular varieties:

Ultra-thin – These types promise to provide a sensation closest to not wearing a condom-that so-called “bareback” feeling. So, if you want to enjoy more natural sensation during sex, use these instead of conventional ones.

Flavoured – To encourage your honey to try doing oral sex on you, wear flavoured condoms that normally come with a unique and delightful smell and taste to entice them into giving you head.

Ribbed – For you and your partner to experience intense yet pleasurable sensation during lovemaking, use these kinds that offer more friction with help from its ridge designs.

2. Buy the right size. As much as you would want to overemphasise the dimensions of your member to your girlfriend, picking an inappropriately sized condom can lessen its efficiency against STD (sexually transmitted diseases) and pregnancy. Also, they can prevent you from experiencing sensations during lovemaking-ouch.

3. Know if you are allergic to rubber. Nothing can dampen the romantic mood better than discovering that you are allergic to latex-something that can render your primal weapon useless. In such cases, use polyurethane varieties instead, which are typically thinner, stronger, and less constricting.

4. Read the labels before buying. Because some rubbers are novelty items that are unsafe for oral sex or intercourse, it is best if you first read the labels on the box.

With these tips in mind, you can get the right condom to save you from becoming an accidental father or acquiring AIDS on a night where the only head that functions is that one hidden inside your pants.


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  • Posted On June 14, 2012
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