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Knowing Whether Your Spouse Ought to Have Labiaplasty or Not

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An engorged labia, which some women are born with, could make them feel insecure about their body, and it can even be a source of pain. If you think your spouse is going through these problems, you could recommend that she opts for labiaplasty. Be cautious though-this can be a really sensitive matter so merely stating “I think you need to have surgery on your labia” would be a bad move.

What you ought to do first would be to understand all you can about the reason why women opt for labiaplasty so you would recognize if your spouse needs it. Generally, women undergo labiaplasty because of irritation throughout intercourse, or because their swollen labia creates a protruding appearance when putting on certain types of pants or swimwear. Most women who have these problems often become introverted and shy, which may affect their social relationships, especially their love life. A few view it as a marketing strategy to make women feel inferior though, so be sure your wife isn’t against it in principle.

Introduction. In case your wife whines about her labia, it could be a great chance for you to mention the idea of labiaplasty. However, if it’s just the first time you’ve heard her whine about it, restrict yourself. Alternatively, if she frequently complains, and you believe that she’d feel better if she had labiaplasty done on her, then talk to her about it.

Disclaimer. Be sure that your wife understands that you are not doing this because you believe there is a problem with her. Tell her that she is extremely desirable and that you are not seeking to apply on her your opinion of feminine beauty. If she knows this, it’s more unlikely that you would get chewed out, and she might start thinking about labiaplasty herself.

Decision-making. If she displays interest in the labiaplasty San Francisco plastic surgeons carry out, check out the topic with her thoroughly. By understanding all the positives and negatives of the treatment, she can certainly make a thought out decision. If she thinks that it isn’t for her, drop the subject and stop mentioning it later on.

Other Options. If your spouse is still unsure about having a labiaplasty procedure, have her talk to the plastic surgeons labiaplasty patients rely on, since these medical professionals can recommend substitute solutions or can explain labiaplasty and its benefits in better detail.

On the other hand, if she does decide that labiaplasty is the way to go, just be sure you only head to highly regarded and dependable labiaplasty surgeons in San Francisco. To learn more, you can check out: or


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