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Korean Courses in Seoul – Secure Your Future

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If you are planning to work or study in Korea, then it’s important that you enroll in Korean language courses preferably in Seoul. There are many benefits to learning Korean that can truly help you secure your future. Professionally, academically, and socially. The ability to speak this language can be an asset not only while you’re in Seoul or in Korea, but anywhere you might find yourself in the world. After all, over 71 million people speak it. Knowing Hanguk-eo can allow you to make a lot of new friends and business connections.

Professionally, the ability to speak Korean can truly boost your resume especially if you want to work for conglomerates like Samsung, Kia Motors, Hyundai, etc. You still need experience and a degree, of course, but your Korean language skills can certainly differentiate you from other candidates that can’t speak the mother tongue. The ability to speak and even read and write Korean is often a huge determining factor recruitment for Korean companies. And when some of these businesses go on hiring sprees—which they are known to do quite regularly—applicants with advanced Korean skills but no experience have better chances of being hired.

Academically, your Korean speaking, reading, and writing skills can open a lot of doors in terms of being accepted in scholarship programs in the country’s best universities. It can also help you advance your publications and research work. While you can technically do your presentations in English, you will certainly impress a Korean academic panel if you can present your material in their tongue. If you are planning to take up a post-graduate degree in Seoul, you also may be encouraged to publish your research in Korean (provided that it is professionally proofread).

Socially, your Korean language skills can certainly come in handy. Locals in Seoul, as well as other parts of the country, are always impressed when they hear a foreigner speaking their language. When you take up Korean classes in Seoul you don’t just learn a new language—you also learn a lot more about the local culture and etiquette. This will help you conduct yourself in a manner that Koreans expect and deem to be respectful.

Taking up Korean courses in Seoul is one of the best things you can do if you are serious about advancing your career, your studies, and your social life. It can open your world up to new possibilities and allow you to face the future with confidence.

About the Author:

Jae Jun Yeon is graduated from Yonsei Univ and have degree in Economics. He is one of the senior Korean teacher of ROLLING KOREA, which is a language institute situated in the center of HONG-DAE.


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  • Posted On September 22, 2016
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