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Kroatien camping at Zaton is mind blowing

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If you are planning a trip to Zaton then there is one thing you need to take care of right in the beginning. It is your accommodation here. You may think that Zaton is a sleepy, little village but the fact is that it attracts a huge number of tourists, not only from Europe but from outside Europe too. There are so many things to do here besides the fact that the place is actually stunning that it is almost a sin not to holiday here. And so come the tourists. Of the different types of accommodation available, Kroatien camping remains the most popular choice. The campsite at Zaton is actually listed at the top of the ADAC camping, it is that good.

The reputation of Kroatien camping at Zaton makes everyone looking to make a beeline for it. The ADAC camping at Zaton is an extensive area but you still need advance booking to get accommodated. There is a parceled zone here and a non parceled zone. Zones A and B are in the parceled zone where you have space for 1,300 pitches. All the pitches are between the sizes of 90 and 100 square meters. The place is completely modern with electricity, sewage arrangements and water arranged.

Zone C that is in the non parceled zone is more Bohemian if you would like to call it such. You don’t need any reservation here and camps can be set up anywhere. There are 200 camping spots here and you can be completely with nature in this zone. This zone seems more ancient and the only modern amenity that you get here is electricity. If you are a group of friends then this part of the Kroatien camping is ideal for you.

As far as the sanitary facilities in the ADAC camping site here in Zaton is concerned you don’t need to worry at all. Six contemporary facilities are here with sinks, hot water, shower cabins, toilets, family bathrooms and pet shower areas. In short, you don’t need to worry about the sanitary facilities at all. Besides the sanitary facilities there is a separate area for barbecues and picnics.

Zaton itself is a small coastal town with its small pieces of beauty. The local population is small and the area is mostly dominated by tourists. There is plenty of action available here. There is the sea and the beaches for you to spend hours. Some of the sites of tourist interest include the St. Nicholas Church, the Kastenila Tower and many stone pits, grave mounds and Liburnian tombs. And in the middle of all this you find the ADAC camping site.

Kroatien camping at Zaton is mind blowing, to say the least. And since it is listed among the ADAC camping sites its popularity is that much more. When you visit Zaton you want to get the best accommodation option and the only way to achieve this is through advance booking. And when you book early you can also take advantage of the various deals available.

Kroatien camping at Zaton is an ADAC camping site and hence is massively popular. Book early to get the best accommodation.


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