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Landscape Design 101: Pertinent Questions to Ask Your Contractor

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To ensure success for your landscaping project, hiring professional contractors is recommended. On the other hand, how can you ensure that the hired contractor is the right one for you? Listed below are some questions you can ask when you’re looking for a possible landscape contractor:

What were your past projects?

Knowing a potential contractor’s past projects can help you evaluate his skills. It’d be better to approach a contractor that has done landscape projects similar to the ones you have in mind. You can also ask your potential landscape contractor to present a portfolio that includes pictures of gardens, homes, and lawns he has previously worked on.

What is the ideal budget for the overall project?

Landscaping your garden can be expensive; especially if the renovation requires extensive labor and intricate designs. Before you invest in a grand landscape project, you should talk to the contractor about the budget. Determining the overall expenses will affect each aspect of the project such as the design, materials, and labor. A settled budget will also prevent you from wasting money on unused materials, since you can allocate funds to a specific aspect of the project.

What elements can be incorporated into the design?

Once you and the landscape contractor have settled on the budget, you need to ask what design elements can be incorporated into the landscape. For instance, the soil and climatic conditions of your home’s location should determine the kind of plants that can be grown in your garden. Since contractors possess knowledge in gardening, they can provide you with a list of plants suitable for your landscape. Moreover, they can determine the hardscapes, lightings, and outdoor furniture that best compliment the landscape design Greenville SC homes require.

How long will the project take?

Greenville SC landscaping projects don’t happen overnight; they take a considerable amount of time to be completed. It’d be wise to ask your landscape contractor about the duration of the project —start date and completion date. Usually, landscape work can be completed within a span of 2 to 3 days. Complex landscape projects, on the other hand, can last for as long as 3 weeks. Your landscape designer should update you if delays or changes in the schedule occur.

Who will help with the construction?

You should also ask the landscape contractor if he plans to use subcontractors for the landscaping Greenville SC home project. This is because the number of workers can affect the progress of the project—insufficient or too many workers can delay the work. You should also ensure that those who’ll take part in the project are insured.


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