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Laser cutting machine are made for high-quality cutting

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With Etlaser and its laser marker, you will be capable to order equipment for your manufacture good quality stickers, do marking and engraving on plastic. Some of our laser markers and laser cutting machine are made for high-quality cutting for metals together with their alloys, materials, ceramics, films, composite supplies.

Etlaser offers innovative scientific solutions for laser paying attention to and engraving. We present an alternative project in collaboration while using the China Company Etlaser, a manufacturer of laser marking systems based on solid-state and gas lasers. Under this project, we offer a variety of flexible technological solutions for problems in laser marking of the widest range of solutions, from large quantities involving products in continuous manufacturing, to engraving promotional solutions and jewelry. If you intend to make a quality guarantee label, our products can help you!

The main products in our company are laser markers and laser cutting machines with regard to marking and engraving plastics, equipment for the production warranty stickers. In the line of the models present the system with different output electrical power of radiation, which determines several performance and designation. Ready-made technological solutions like collected “turnkey” stand-alone work stations. There is a wide selection of custom solutions in order to satisfy specific objectives and ensuring the work in fully automatic setting.

A number of original design solutions applied to the development of lasers, permitted to give them unique factors. Really low power consumption combined with high output power. High beam quality comes with greater energy density due to the minimum diameter of the beam spot at the focal point. A short pulse determines the higher peak power. Laser markers production ACI collected in a single compact package that eliminates the use of external fiber connections and a large number of connecting cables, simplifying the utilization of the equipment in commercial environments. And fabricated applying our product warranty ticket, you can control your external effects or penetration.
The package includes specialized software that will allow you to realize the full technological potential. User-friendly, intuitive screen, simplicity of learning – these are just some of the characteristics of this control program. Managing the whole system, even with the utilization of additional equipment does not require highly skilled operators. Options allow want you to control the laser to perform as engraved on metal and other surfaces and laser reducing of thin metal.

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