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Laser Hair Removal is Relatively Painless

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Many young Ohio women seek ways to permanently remove hair from their faces, legs and other areas of the body that are not painful and do not involve shaving. Pulling hair out (waxing) can be quite excruciating and not a process to be repeated often. Commercial products may contain toxic chemicals that many people do not desire to put on their skin, and which can only be used on certain areas of the body (not the face).

Using laser hair removal techniques in Cincinnati, OH provides women with a way to get rid of unwanted hair for the long term with virtually no pain and on any surface of the body it is desired. Basically, the radiated light heats up the entire hair, including the follicle, so that it effectively withers and hair will no longer grow. (At some point in the future, new hair may grow due to hormonal adjustments, but it will be much fairer and thinner in texture.) There is no absolutely permanent method for hair removal, but laser technology provides the longest-lasting method that should keep the desired area of your body, such as your legs or face, free from hair from a significantly long time. Lasers can be effective in reducing hair counts by as much as eighty percent.

Large areas of your body can be treated during a relatively short period of time; each individual follicle does not have to be singled out. Therefore, if you have a hairy back and want to get rid of excess hair, it may take about an hour to cover your entire backside.

Using lasers for hair removal in Cincinnati, OH is relatively pain-free. The common description is that it feels like a rubber-band snap; most of the reflexive action is in the expectation of being hit, rather than an actual pain threshold. Reports of pain also depend on the subjectivity of the patient, as well as the area being treated. A calf may be less painful than more sensitive pubic areas, for instance. For the most part, however, the pain is so miniscule that it isn’t a factor most people seriously consider when making a decision for laser hair removal.
Cincinnati, OH physicians and cosmetologists often provide free consultations for people who are interested in using laser technology to remove unwanted hair. For some people, treatments are less effective because lasers target darker hair. So if your hair is blonde or light, removal may be more of a problem, and a cosmetologist might recommend a more effective method or technique for removal.

Hair Removal Cincinnati OH – Anderson Cosmetic and Vein Institute in Cincinnati, OH offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal using EpiLight.


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