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Laser Marking Techniques: Efficient But Risky

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There is a very evident rule in manufacturing- supply is directly proportional to demand. As the demand of every item is increasing, many firms have jumped into the business of manufacturing. The popularity of any item depends upon its marketing strategy to a very large extent. Different manufacturing firms are using many innovative methods for marketing their goods like packing styles and new methods of advertisement. Thus the marking industry has grown immensely with new marking techniques.
One such technique of marking is the marking laser. In this method, a high intensity laser beam is emitted in a controlled manner. This beam of light is strong enough to make a mark on the medium on which it is emitted. Due to such abilities, this technique finds many applications such as metal cutting, stamping and marking on hard metals, joining two dissimilar metals, embossing and engraving on glass when a very high precision is required.
The three main qualities of laser beam which makes it most suitable for such applications are:
• Lasers are monochromatic which means they are capable of producing light of one wavelength.
• This light beam can be controlled as it has a single source of discharge which makes it coherent.
• It has a specific direction and moves in a straight line unlike other forms of light waves which scatter in all directions.
The equipments used for laser marking are getting smaller in size with time. Earlier, the marking machines were very large and bulky and were very tough to handle. However, the laser marking machines of today are hand held, light weight and portable. High power laser emitters are the most suitable forms of these marking machines to be used in industries for example, green laser pointers, 473nm blue laser pointers and the newly released yellow hand held laser.
While the laser technology is becoming more and more popular to be used in marking industries, these can be potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly. Before starting using the laser machine, you must read all the precautions that you should take while handling these not-so-safe devices.
What makes lasers dangerous? Lasers have a single source of origin due to which they are called coherent. All the light particles emitted by the laser, which are called photons, are focused on a single dot. This makes them highly intense and focused. It is similar to the process of focusing sunlight on a single point with the help of a magnifying glass.
Secondly, this beam of light is collimated which means when emitted, it does not scatter to a wide area like normal light and is concentrated to a small area which makes it really powerful.
Safety precautions to be followed while using marking laser:
• Always use laser safety glasses while working with laser equipments.
• Never point the laser directly on any person’s body.
• Never look directly into it or point it to anyone’s eyes as it may harm the viewing ability of a person.
• Never put any reflective surface or a mirror in front of a laser beam emitter as the reflected laser beams are equally dangerous.
• Use a laser in a controlled environment only and do not point it at a long distance randomly which is not visible to you as someone can be walking by.
• Do not give this equipment to an underage person or children.


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