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Latest news: Asia Günstige Brautkleider Festival will be held in mainland China

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Japanese girls the height does not occupy the Brautkleider potential, but their smart dress yet the shortcomings of became a little sweet department style Japanese girls innocent girl, very lovely, but make you feel more like! Japanese bride’s wedding dress is the same! Japanese-style wedding dress with its unique design is becoming more and more of the bride’s choice, and the Korean wedding, french wedding, Japanese-style wedding dress design is often both Western women sexy and retain the Oriental women implicitly to retain the luxury Asian wedding dress, but also to avoid the vulgar fancy features, prominent wedding naturally the same style dress, some shopkeepers said to be produced in Suzhou, Wuxi and vicinity, as long as the rental price a few hundred dollars, and to the Some shop owners mouth, became “out of print goods” of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places, double the rental price is not all. Reporter yesterday visited the the Xicheng wedding dress market, whether the wedding of a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars of the wedding, the above are not the

dentity of the fabric, manufacturer, bridal salon out of the Günstige Brautkleider rental prices are also very “random”, this prospective new people and some sound so confused.Models of wedding rental price differenceYesterday morning, the reporter went to a shop of Wedding Etiquette Center, said the lease wedding. Staff reporter collar to the test equipment area, open the light, dotted with bright diamond lace wedding dress is particularly stunning in the light irradiation. Staff, the rental price of each wedding is different, according to the material of the wedding, style, recency decided.Subsequently, she was selected for the reporters a small long tail wedding dress, “this is this year’s latest top of the lace is hand-stitched, the daily rent of more than 1200 yuan, if you provide our store with makeup division, then can play a 10% off. “the staff said, because the store’s wedding are the latest styles, fabrics, fine workmanship, so lease the basic price must be thousands. Reporters carefully look at, but not in the wedding, see the logo of the trademark, fabric manufacturer.The reporter went to another wedding dress rental shops, found previously that store with the style of wedding, the wedding dress rental is only more than 400 yuan. The clerk said that if you need to rent a dress copy number more also appears further

concessions. Similarly, the wedding and not have any die Besten Brautkleider identification.Journalists in several other bridal salon to go in a circle and found a diverse range of wedding within the market, dazzling, but because of the lack of precise reference prices, can only rely on style, fabric, workmanship and determine the pros and cons of the wedding, which did not experience of ordinary people is very difficult.Industry exposed the staggering profit marginsAlthough more prospective newcomers are choosing to buy custom-made wedding dress, but wedding dress rental is still a certain price advantage, market demand can not be underestimated. According to industry sources, the wedding itself is not the identity of the place of origin, fabric and other, so the majority of cases, the rental price by the merchants can decide. Similarly a wedding, we can say from Suzhou, it can be said from Hong Kong and Taiwan, or from Europe, the price naturally thousands of miles apart, generous pricing, behind the profit margins are very alarming. In a bridal salon and wife to

provide leasing and custom two services, the custom price is the rental price is 2 times more. Reporter try the boss out of the rental price of 200 yuan, 350 yuan and 580 yuan. In this regard, she explained that “the kind of expensive dress from Guangzhou into version, the purchase price should a few thousand dollars”.According to industry sources, in addition to some high-end brand bridal salon in Hong Kong and Taiwan wedding, designer wedding section, the vast majority of the wedding from the ordinary factory imitation.A $ 1800 wedding dress, rental prices can be up to 1200 yuan, rent one will be able to recover the cost of half-dress, rent three will be able to net earned thousand dollars, which may still be a very conservative cost-benefit account. See what people say what price. “Industry sources,

and even bridal salon grade according to the customer to hold the wedding Brautkleider günstig hotel, plenty of time, etc., to understand the psychological ability of consumers on the price of wedding, live” pricing “.Rent wedding there is no price reference standardHowever, in the interview process, there are a lot of shopkeepers complain wedding consumer is now in the hundreds of million, the rental fee of a few hundred dollars is actually not too high, the cost of store rent, cleaning fees up In fact, the profit in thinning. So many of the principles of shop rental wedding is a “one-back twice to make money”, a lot of shops to reduce costs by pushing up rental prices.It is understood that the wedding rental industry, and only wedding health and safety standards, the industry standard of the national uniform pricing has not yet introduced by the operator according to the wedding costs, store size and other factors on their own pricing, which gives a lot of businesses can take of the machine. Therefore, consumers can only rely on the shop around, a rational consumer to avoid falling into the inflated price trap. Daily Reporter / rice crackers


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