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Latest news: in 2012 the most fashionable wedding ceremony held in Asia

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Recently, Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, the famous Brautkleider French brand JAVECE’s Olivia Couture “love. Outstanding luxury wedding dress show CLS staged. This will be how a “dream wedding trip, top dress brand JAVECE (Sabrina Sun), Sun Jia Wei, the founder of that mysterious and gorgeous, dreamy, pure and stylish wedding style is concentrated at a wedding show released detonated the 2012 luxury wedding the most in fashion.The scene of the wedding show, ushered in Cao Ting, Yin Fangbing professional supermodel to help out, more will soon prepare the sweet couple of the wedding appeared to join in, Olivia wedding dress stunning four, sometimes Mei purple graceful, sometimes Fantasy bright, sometimes luxurious and elegant. sometimes romantic and beautiful models who just appeared immediately became the focus of the audience sought, spike countless film.

Olivia Couture, brand of JAVECE evening, wedding and Günstige Brautkleidercheongsam for Zhendian creative design director Olivia from design to cut production, each step adhere to the surgeon personally, each dressed in work must show the customer the best side in order to provide the most closely experience of customer mind the clothes. Olivia brand was inspired by a French clothes encounter, Olivia’s aesthetic integration of the combat experience of the years of fashion design, performing arts stage and tailor art, each passage of the evening or wedding, are a blend of dazzling style, taste wisdom and fine beautiful demonstration of the process.Olivia dress this season inspired the design of wisteria, the wisteria language of flowers, reluctant to miss, and reflects the elegant and charming women, set with sequins and flowing chiffon strapless waist combination of a deep v-neck design, highlighting the Women’s sexy.

Gorgeous bright Tee dress design inspired by the fresh die Besten Brautkleider air of the “Ivy League” universities in the 1970s. Studded beaded details hem micro expansion of profile shape, give a gorgeous dress more perfect crowning touch to the style close to the waist and layers of decorative details, embodies the elegant beauty of a dim.Olivla season style remains clean lines and smooth, bold use of color and noble features. Its design inspired by 18th century European painting, and integration into the European women dress design, that women are curvy cut, pure colors of red, retro flavor, put on her will make you double the gas field.Lilac lively evening gowns, inspiration comes from lavender, sweet yet elegant abandoned on the contour of an exaggeration, at the discretion of the fabric, beading exquisite addictive, a touch of purple, from time to time, exudes a dreamy and charming atmosphere. intoxicated.Athena, goddess of flowing elegant wedding dress design inspired by the elegant goddess Fan children yet full of temperament, gentle and charming fairy design, lightweight and strong sense of style tulle to create a neat outline, and flowing fabric to move around skirt more bright spots, the noble charm, elegant and romantic sense of the hazy, so that the bride beautiful and moving.

Must ultimately designed the full sense of the wedding Brautkleider günstig in a creative wedding. Skirt full weight of the upper body of a sense and wrap a sharp contrast to highlight the bride the perfect curve. Reached a pinnacle in the folds of use in shaping the fullness in the chest curve at the waist at the same time, exquisite and enviable. Attaches great importance to the decorative details, but simple and generous, and small, dense and complex sense of.Five Choi Wan Xu aesthetic wedding, body sculpting bodice and upper lines, aesthetic, with a large and gorgeous skirts, sharp contrast between the body easily reach the golden ratio! Waist beautiful bright crystal decorative and aesthetic grace skirt design is the biggest bright spot, cascading flowers piled out of the romantic aesthetic effects, lavish.This dress is ideal for the Oriental female body. Gorgeous beaded hanging tight-fitting cut, behind the deep v split design highlights the back of the sexy, echoed around the asymmetric crystal ornaments from hip oblique scattered down skirt to lengthen the lines of the lower body, modified body curves with excellent results.

Subsection wedding gas field is full of grace and elegance of the big skirts, upper body design for a simple shape of Bra, the crystal decorative bow highlighting the waist lines, the big A word shape prominent aristocratic, very dreamy sense, you, Mr Right on the side, put on so the US magic of the wedding is the ultimate dream of countless bride


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