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Law Firms in Brazil

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Who doesn’t need a lawyer? Whether carefully planning for the future or resolving a current dispute, choosing the right lawyer is key. The lawyer or law firm you choose must speak your language, both literally and figuratively. The best law firm is the law firm that satisfies your needs as a client; the firm that you feel comfortable consulting both before a crisis arises and after it gets out of hand.


Mediation, negotiation, regulatory matters, consumer disputes, corporate and business law, mergers and acquisitions, company formation, criminal matters, employment issues, land and family disputes, financial litigation, and tax planning are just some of the areas where lawyers can be of assistance. Not only must the lawyer you choose have a strong knowledge of the law, but also, and perhaps more importantly, a solid understanding of you, the client.


There are many law firms in the market and it can be difficult to know how to select the best law firm. In particular, how do you pick an international law firm or a law firm in another country such as Brazil? As the global markets continue to open and more businesses seek foreign investment opportunities abroad, the need for competent international lawyers and law firms is growing. Lawyers that have studied or worked abroad or that have been involved in cross-border transactions are more likely to understand the needs of foreign clients.


With businesses going global, it is advisable to seek a knowledgeable lawyer who can help with both inbound transactions and outbound transactions. In Brazil, many foreign clients are entering the market by way of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, service agreements, and start-ups. Yet each such method requires a large degree of local knowledge and contacts on the ground. Litigation matters, such as court filings, letters rogatory, and other process issues are also jurisdiction specific and similarly require an understanding of the local business and legal cultures. To accomplish any business or legal matter in Brazil, it is important to involve Brazilian attorneys who have the requisite experience and knowledge to efficiently get work done.


In Brazil, tax law and employment law are areas that demand special attention and can cause great concern for both foreign and domestic clients. To diminish risk, careful planning and preparation is necessary. Whether vis-à-vis tax planning methods, such as holding companies, or corporate structuring, wealth transfers, trusts and estates planning, or real estate transfers, a good lawyer is key to assessing the options available with respect to tax issues in international business transactions.A good lawyer is also necessary when evaluating options related to employment law, in particular when hiring and terminating employees.


Today, the internet plays an important role in both finding and working with the best law firms worldwide. For individuals and companies seeking to do business in Brazil, finding a law firm is about finding advogados in Brazil who understand the client’s business and legal needs.The lawyer who understands the client is far better situated to provide creative and practical advice that goes beyond any legal doctrine.


About Angélico Advogados:


Angélico Advogados is a São Paulo based law firm serving the legal and business needs of clients throughout Brazil. Angélico Advogados is a Brazilian law firm that helps foreign individuals, as well as small and midsize companies, with their business activities in Brazil. The firm’s international legal services team includes experienced Brazilian lawyers who focus their practice on helping and advising both domestic and foreign clients on Brazilian law.


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