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For several years our company goes through youtube to mp3 an endless transition, which was filled with many crises, big and small, but always present. Lately, however, worsened and they seem to pass from one into another, without periods of calm. Only last year we had the global economic crisis, then the national one, then the flu . We are doomed as a nation to be subjected to endless crisis? The concept of crisis means that it is an acute situation, the time and finish that will not be endless, because it turns into something else .

Could this crisis be used as an element of manipulation, as they active in individual fear, distrust, frustration, aggression, mood present in any of us? And who is more easily manipulated than their fears? After handling the basic principle of “keep busy and have not for nothing” or the classical “give them bread and circuses” although now we are delivered only circus, bread has become too expensive.

It is the youtube to mp3 ethical and moral dimension to approach those who enter this game of power that the media, which in turn outdo the slightest situation into a catastrophe of the day. There are no youtube to mp3 achievements, successes, achievements and discoveries, but only pain, violence, aggression and poverty.
Beyond the obvious disadvantages of any crisis (loss, impoverishment, suffering), is a large advantage crisis brings CHANGE. What was before, will not be the same after. There are thus, paradoxically an end, followed by a renaissance because of the loss of some others gain, and pain becomes alive.

What does the individual crisis? May be a feeling of extreme moments of grief, loss, fear, impoverishment. But this youtube to mp3 feeling leads to rewriting extreme habits, habits and even principles of life. Suddenly priorities change and what seemed matter of course is extremely valuable … The examples are endless: people who have survived terrible accidents or illnesses are “in love” life, completely changing his lifestyle. The crisis has failed to become more understanding and forgiving.

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  • Posted On June 10, 2012
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