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Legal Advice In South Africa For Medical Related Complaints

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Every progressive country has a proper procedure in place to address the medical grievances of its people. South Africa, too, has a proper legal procedure to deal with the grievances of people in issues concerning health and well-being. The masses of South Africa regularly seek legal guidance for issues related to medical negligence on the part of the medical professionals.
The legal advisers of South Africa can handle medical issues related to the following:
*    Prescription of wrong medicines
*    Errors in cosmetic surgeries
*    Negligent behavior on the part of the hospital staff
*    Misuse of Botox.
*    Dental malpractices and many more.

These errors have a lasting detrimental effect on the health of the people and thus the complaints have to be properly resolved through an accurate legal procedure. People can lodge their complaints with the Health Professions Council Of South Africa, if they feel that they have been wronged by a medical professional or a medical institute. But for this that particular professional or the institute should be registered with the Health Profession Council Of South Africa. If this is not the case, the person can approach a reputed Attorney South Africa for legal advice.

The proper procedure for filing a complaint with HPCSA is as follows:
*    The person lodging the complaint has to first write a letter which is addressed to the Registrar mentioning all the details pertaining to the complaint.
*    The letter should be then duly signed by the person filing the complaint.
*    The Health Professions Council Of South Africa will then assess the complaint and ask the complainant to furnish all the documents in support of the complaint.
*    The concerned medical professional or the institute will then be given time to reply to the complaint by means of a letter, giving details of their action and documents supporting the action.
*    A thorough investigation will then be conducted into the complaint filed by the complainant.

The Medical Boards of South Africa under which people can file their complaints are as follows:
*    Health Professional Council- This council governs the dentists, interns, medical scientists and genetic counselors.
*    Occupational Therapy and Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics Board- This council governs therapists, and students and professionals related to prosthetics and occupational therapy.
*    Professional Board For Environmental Health Practitioners- This council governs all the health practitioners and food inspectors.

The government of South Africa provides ample legal aid to its population to resolve all of their health related issues. Most of these services are available to the people at extremely affordable rates, owing to the importance the national government places on the proper health and well being of its population.
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