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Let the experts manage your web presence for maximum returns

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You are an entrepreneur who is tech savvy. You got your business a website long back. All the business cards of your sales executives and other officials including that of yours bear the website address as well. You know the internet provides great business opportunities and it increases your probability of business success manifold. That is exactly the reason why you got the website developed by a friend of yours long time back. You feel really proud to think about your web presence.You know very well that internet is the land of opportunities but in your case, over the years, you have seen no improvement or much lead generation from the website.

All the hard work of bringing in new clients, retaining the old ones, maintain cordial relationships with the clients and winning over repeat orders; is done by your sales and customer care team. What is the benefit of the website, is it only to show off a tech savvy image of your company?Hey, you got your website designed by your friend, right? Is he qualified enough, did he devote enough time and attention to your project, does he have the responsibility of updating it from time to time, is he accountable for the returns on the investment, did you pay him reasonably, did you at all pay him in the first place?If you have not devoted enough time and resource to the project then there is likelihood that he too was not been able to do the same.

Take a test of your website; in a focused manner you distribute 100 business cards to your prospective clients and ask them to visit your website any time within the next 24 hours. Note the lead generation from the group. Low? Well you thought nobody could make time to visit your site. Well, the kind of personality you have, how can you fail to motivate so miserably? You have not failed, your website have! If you conduct a survey, you’ll find that most of them had visited the site but did not find it interesting enough. Some who tried to put an order could not find the way to do that. Hence the result was that dismal.Do not be disheartened for despite being an early starter you could not keep up with time. Appoint a well established and focused Web development Miami company to work for you.

They’ll undertake your Web design Miami project, work in close liaison with you, understand thoroughly your business imperatives, goals and image and create a website accordingly.If you have a set up in New York you understand how fast the business challenges are undergoing a change. An ecommerce New York site from a web design New York will help you increase the business and extend its horizon and reach manifold.The efficient team at the Web development Miami company can make sure that your website is well designed and search engine optimized. In just thirty days you can get your website top the list of the companies in its category. When the prospective customer finds a well designed and easy to use website in the first place there is high likelihood that he will be impressed by the company itself and place an order. That is what the website is for right?



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  • Posted On July 27, 2012
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