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let the whole class was in tears

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<b><a href=””>Prada handbags</a></b>Blots out the sky and to the classmate alumni, 1 vigorously to write, wrote tingling fingers, big star big star tears to to fall, wet with the one and a SOB words, once said that was just a ceremony of alumni, answer a question of those 3322, now write full, or didn’t finish writing, blame your paper is too small to hold the tearful text. Write to it, write to it, fingers kept shaking. Put up a photo and a, in order to you in the coming year don’t ask me who is.


<b><a href=””>Louis Vuitton Outlet Online</a></b>The teacher smiled and say to you: “the classmates, you graduate, go to the outside world and see it!” In a word, let the whole class was in tears. Graduation card, graduation, mutual hug, deeply wishes. And I choose silence, it represents the too much.


<b><a href=””>Christian Louboutin Outlet</a></b>”Free!” They say the liberation. Looking at a personal have left, I sat in the corner of the classroom, left and right and into his pocket cigarettes, never knew, I don’t smoke.


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  • Posted On March 27, 2012
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