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Liberia situated in West Africa

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Liberia is officially known as Republic of Liberia. Liberia is situated in West Africa. Liberia is bordered by Sierra Leone on the west side, bordered by Guinea on the north side and bordered by Cote d’lovire on the east side. Liberia is divided in to 15 countries which are then subdivided in to the districts. The districts are also subdivided in to clans. The oldest countries of Liberia are Grand Bassa and Montser. The both countries Grand Bassa and Montser are founded in 1839. the largest country of Liberia is Nimba. The size of Nimba is 4,460 square miles. The smallest country of Liberia is Montserrado. The area covered by Montserrado is only 737 squares miles. In spite of smaller country, Montserrado is most populous country of Liberia. The total population in Montserrado is almost 1,144,806.Liberia is bordered by North Atlantic Ocean on the south west side of Country. Liberia has one of the poorest economic countries. The GDP per capita is also very less. The poverty rate in Liberia is also very high.

The third lowest GDP in world is of Liberia. Liberia exports iron, ore, timber and rubber to many countries. The economy of Liberia is basically depending on foreign investment and foreign aid.The economy starts declining on 1980 because of the civil war. The civil war destroyed the economy of Liberia. When civil war ended in 2003 then economy start rising but only reaches 9.4”%. The population of Liberia is almost 3,476,608 people. The most populous country of Liberia is Montserrado in which 1,118,241 people are living. The next most populous country of Liberia is Nimba country with the population of 462,026. There are 16 ethnic groups in Liberia and also vast foreign minorities are living here.95% of peoples in Liberia are native and 2.5 % of population is African American settlers.There are also other minorities lived in Liberia Including Indians, West Africans and Lebanese. There are 31 native languages which are spoken in Liberia. The official language of Liberia is English. Liberian also speak various dialects which are known as Liberian Primary and Secondary education in Liberia is free.

The education in Liberia is necessary from the age group of 6 to 16 years. The attendance is very important in the schools. The literacy rate for males is 63.7% and 54.5% for women in Liberia. Children’s averagely attends the 10 years of education. The schools are not very good with lack of qualified teachers. There are also private and public universities in Liberia. These Universities provides higher education. The oldest and largest university in Liberia is University of Liberia. The University of Liberia is situated in Monrovia. The University of Liberia is opened in 1862. The University has six colleges. The university has also the Law College and medical school. In Liberia there is only one Law College which name is Louis Arthur Grimes Law School.Christianity is most dominating religion in the Liberia. 85% of peoples are Christian and 12.2% of peoples are Muslims.

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