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Life is very short, valuable time is more limited

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<b><a href=””>Louis Vuitton Outlet</a></b>Management has a well-known “short plate theory”: a combination of different lengths of wood casks, the decision is not the longest barrel capacity Flanagan board, but that a minimum. This theory influenced many people, making people put too much focus on to make up for its shortcomings, weaknesses, rather than to develop his strengths.

<b><a href=””>Louis Vuitton Online</a></b>To achieve a career high, often depends on the height of the longest wooden Flanagan, rather than the shortest of the Okanagan. In other words, the advantage on behalf of a person’s competitive advantages on behalf of a team’s actual combat capability. If you give up an advantage, not to develop, support it, but to spend all the effort to improve those weak items, like to play soccer and let Nie Hao Haidong

<b><a href=””>Coach Purses</a></b>Go to the next as more harm than good. Life is very short, valuable time is more limited, valuable time should be on those who can make you very promising place, that is, to fully understand their own strengths, and in the specific work practices continue to develop, strengthen, so that their The advantages of a solid strong competitiveness.On this basis, without ignoring their own shortcomings, but to pay attention to controlling their own weaknesses, so that weaknesses, to maximize the ability to improve.

<b><a href=””>Coach Outlet</a></b>Animal survival in the face of complex environments, often exceed, take advantage of their strengths attack, prey the way in which access to food and territory. Lion forelegs are not strong enough, no claws embedded deep, but it has sharper teeth than the tiger, more explosive power and endurance, focus more on unity and cooperation lions. So they are hunting on the prairie, when the use of bite on the neck of smaller prey for larger animals such as bison, etc. on the use of biting the nose, dragging, throwing himself besieged groups such means. Thus, the lion’s teeth on the evolution of a more sharp, thick, becoming the king of the wilderness of weapons.


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