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Life the most important time to save embarrassing the bride wedding shoes

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Global shoes – shoes and life] Each of the bride are wedding preparations are worried about the choice of wedding day shoes. In the end what kind of bride shoes, comfortable and beautiful, you can fully meet the wedding planning and wedding day needs? Look at the heart core wedding planning a little secret to bring you the wedding preparations of brides shoes. Worry about whether the shoes comfortable? For the color of the shoes to worry about? Beach wedding wear what style of Buy Christian Louboutin ? Cold winter to wear what kind of shoes, warm and very clumsy? All of these issues, you can get an answer in the problem of the current .
Question what kind of shoes is not only suitable for wear at the wedding After the wedding, I can wear?
You can choose a pair of heel is not high shoes, so that after the wedding, usually wearing. Perhaps you think such an important occasion for the wedding it was too common, the best wedding photography in Shenzhen Reminder: you can choose with colored embroidery shoes, it will feel very fine enough to be matched and your expensive wedding.

Question two, I like the heel to help shoes around, but I worry about the dancing, the shoes will fall off, what?
Wear no help high heels can be tricky, the best wedding photography in Shenzhen Reminder: If you usually do not often wear this style of shoes, or do not take the risk. But there is a solution: You can choose behind the upper, the middle one with the shoes, the root tape can avoid dancing shoes from your feet to slide.
Third, I chose a lace wedding dress, I can wear a pair of lace shoes with it?
With a lace dress with lace shoes will feel very cumbersome, Shenzhen wedding to your Reminder: If you wear a gorgeous dress with lace, crystal, embroidery and other decorative, it is best to wear a pair of simple style of shoes. By the same token, lace shoes with a simple wedding will be beautiful.
Fourth, I will be a cold winter wedding, if you wear a thin strip of high-heeled shoes will be very cold. What kind of shoes not only warm and not very clumsy?
White you can choose a just and ankle boots, preferably the upper folds of lace or a bow, so you do not feel very clumsy and very chic, full of femininity. Shenzhen wedding photography studio to your Reminder: satin boots, wear your wedding dress the same texture will be the most perfect solution, but this is the case will be very expensive.
Fifth, I want a pair of comfortable flat shoes, but also to ensure a very elegant wedding day, you have any advice for me?
Flat shoes and high heels, like eye-catching, a simple and beautiful ballet shoes, Shenzhen wedding Reminder: its charm from the fine white holes fabric and satin ankle tie, will let you The feel is very elegant.
Question six, my wedding was held at the beach, I do not want to wear too formal shoes also do not want to stand barefoot on the beach, there are other options?
For beach wedding, the pair of flat sandals or flip sandals will be the best choice. Shenzhen wedding to your Reminder: Perhaps you feel too ordinary, it may wish to wear an anklet, this unique approach allows you to fashionable beach
Christian Louboutin Boots  more perfect.



To rescue the bride wedding shoes embarrassment
Wedding just around the corner, when the tall clothing impeccable, a pair of high heels often become the enemy of brides. Especially for recreational sports camp brides, 7-8cm high-heeled, although people thousands of deportment, but the thought of the day “foot torture” on how to laugh not. Old fashion wedding photography Xiaobian high heels out of danger, “the plan prepared for many bride together to save your feet.
Suitable for adequate time to prepare bride
If you have sufficient time to prepare to get married, that the premarital pick pairs of their favorite high heels, wear it consciously practice, to the wedding day naturally solved in a few months.
For women weekdays accustomed to wearing flat shoes, the selection of high heels, first and foremost principle is to fit, must not be ignored because only a little discomfort, otherwise a waste of money and damage the health. The best wedding photography in Shenzhen Reminder: material should choose the cowhide, sheepskin, especially shoes, mouth edges, the choice of a relatively soft material of the shoes is appropriate. Cattle sheep in the wearing process will gradually soft, people Yuechuan Yue fit.
Suitable for adequate time to prepare bride
If you encounter a hard material, you can choose a slightly larger size, the avoid Zhigu beautiful and select “shaking zero” heel, increasing the burden on the forefoot. If you do not mind their height, do not mind the routine of etiquette, then choose a pair of red flat shoes, not only the liberation of the feet in the wedding after can make the best use, the bride was best of both worlds. Of course, in deciding to wear flat shoes field, Shenzhen wedding to your Reminder: In order to avoid lengthy word of guests, can be selected to cover the live foot long yarn dress, a beautiful, healthy and comfortable liberal bride .
Suitable for the fierce urgency of bride
Approach: to wear a few pairs of stockings
Shenzhen’s best wedding photography Reminder to you: to increase the thickness of the stockings to naturally increase the protection of the foot skin to relieve foot pressure, while the delicate texture of the stockings, but also play a very good lubrication, but also can reduce the friction between the feet and shoes;
Option two: paper towels to do the insole
The first time to the convenience store to buy a thick insole to wear high heels, Shenzhen wedding to your Reminder: multiple tissue superposition and paste it in high heels, soles, heels and other parts, can effectively relieve foot
Christian Louboutin Wedges    .


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