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Long Grain Rice

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Long Grain Rice looks very tempting. It has its own natural aroma. It smells so nice that one can’t resist having it. It is most preferred food in many parts of Asia and Africa. Long grain rice is India’s gift to rest of the world. Indians were the first ones to cultivate it. People in India, eat Long Grain Rice with different curries and also make delicious sweet dish with it.

The most preferred long grain rice in India is Basmati Rice. Basmati Rice is longer and less sticky than other varieties of rice. Cooked Basmati Rice has a unique smell of its own.

Types Of Long Grain Rice:
Various studies are being conducted on long grain rice. This rice is primarily seeds of Oryza Sativa. There are many research institutes dedicated to study of rice all over the world. Indian agricultural research institute is one of them. It has been closely studying different factors related to rice. It has successfully cultivated some improved type of long grain rice, mostly Basmati. One such Basmati Rice is Pusa Basmati Rice. This variety of Basmati Rice is consumed all over the world. Some other extensively consumed varieties of Basmati Long Grain Rice are:

·    Glden sella rice
·    White sella rice
·    Red rice.

Basmati Rice is available in two colors – white and brown. Brown basmati rice is uncommon and is very highly priced. The Brown Basmati rice has a very tempting, natural aroma. Its aroma resembles to pandan like flavor. The aroma gets stronger after the rice is cooked. India is the largest Basmati Rice Exporter.

Cooking Long Grain Basmati Rice:
Cooking Basmati Rice or other long grain rice is a tricky method. A little miscalculation in water level used to prepare it, can ruin its taste. Long grain rice is free flowing by character but if it is overcooked, it will get mashed. Mashed rice loses its natural attractiveness and might not taste as good as properly cooked ones. The ideal cooking time of long grain rice is 45 minutes. Pulao, Biriyani and Kheer are some famous dishes prepared with basmati rice.

Basmati Long Grain Rice is costlier than ordinary rice. Its natural qualities justify its price. Buyers are often provided with false long grain rice. Therefore, one should look for genuine Basmati Long Grain Rice Manufacturers.

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