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Longevity Comes from Good Habbits

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Actually, there are five ways for you to live a longer and healthy lifestyle.

Each of us can live strong, healtheir , vibrant, energetic lives for a long time to come. the ways? Go on reading, and you may never see your dinner plate, your friends, or your sneakers the same way again.

Am going to make this article short, unique and lively.

There is this famous saying about health and wealth that I like quoting, am sure you already know where am going to end this- it says “health is wealth”. Short and simple, I love this quote just like I love blogging about health. Daniel you need to stop this, just go striaght to the point as you have said. Okay here it is,

Like I said, straight and short. And here is the five ways to living a longer and a healthy lifestyle:

1. Eat lesser calories, But more food

Yes! Fewer calories, and more food. Did not make any typographical error anyways. When nutrition researchers invited themselves over for dinner in kitchens across the globe – from Greece to Japan and to the state of pennsylvania – they discovered a tummy-satisfying secret to living healthy: fill your plate high with vegetables and fruits, and a low “high-calorie” fare like fatty meats, cheeseburgers, and cream sauces.

And here is what it result into; more health-boosting antioxidants, and longer, happier, active- more active independent lives.

2. Exercise As An Anti-aging Vaccine

It is no secret that physical activities can tone up muscles, burns calories, and puts a happy bounce in in your step to living a healthy lifestyle. Recently,researchers uncovered a new bonus benefit; exercise acts as a powerful vaccine against the aging process itselfs. Exercises brings more beauty to our body and refreshes our mind and soul.

3. Finding something interesting to do

Life is too short and busy. And the truth is; life and time waits for nobody, so? What is the big deal! The big deal is, as our careers reach their later stages, our children matures, and as ambitions, goals, and home improvement are achieved, time then becomes usually more availiable for adults after 60. We all know that we are to retire one day, and enjoy our investments and life struggles.

We are to make the right choices after retirement to do something interesting meaningful and to devote yourseelf to, pursuing it wholeheartedly. Scientist shows that doing something that interests you offers big health benefits in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

4. Connect With Friends and Family

When you are alone for too long (and the definition of “too long” is different for each of us), your level of stress hormones cortisol rises, increasing the odds of heart disease, high blood pressure, muddled thinking, and sleep problems. Having close connections with our friends and family decreases and fight against stress. Scientific research have proved that friends changes the biochemistry of your brains.

p.s have good and positive minded friends, because friends can affect how and what you think to some large extent.

5. Occupy Your Mind With Positive Things

By stressing your mind in positive ways, thinking and acting positively, can always and will always lower your risk or mental decline. The beautiful thing about this is that yo don’t need a fancy computer program to do it. Neuroscientists call it neurobics – this invovle doing things you do everyday in a new way.

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