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In October last year, from the the Shangpin network formally launched only separated by three months time, any results are not yet the case, angel investors Lei Jun, after Disney’s VC institutions, Steamboat Ventures and Morningside Ventures of millions of dollars have been put into Shangpin network This trend can be seen from the Louis Louis Vuitton Outlet Vuitton shop trajectory Two of arms around the good and happiness European debt crisis, the euro against the dollar and the renminbi exchange rate last year, respectively 11% and 13% plunge, pull Louis Vuitton (referred to as LV) products in China and France the difference between the first quarter of this year the gap up to 47%, further to attract mainland visitors to Europe shopping

Last year, these large enterprises due to the increase in emerging market countries, sales and profits, earnings amounted to over 73 billion euros, accounting for 3″ Ya (International) Limited CEO Lu Xiaoming, “China Economic Weekly Sampling of the search engine Google, Bing, Baidu as well as to Yandex Trial, Cao Licheng recognized stock already know is fake, she pleaded guilty, the Louis Vuitton court a lighter sentence

” In addition to the excellent quality of the product itself, but also to meet the aspirations of the Louis Vuitton Purses consumers so that consumers feel that dreams are achieved He believes this is a contradictory proposition, on the one hand, Chinese history and culture of precipitation reason to make the international top brands, but Chinese culture and the factors that hinder the development of top brandsIn March this year, the basaltic prosecution to the sale of counterfeit trademark goods sin CAO Li prosecutionWith China’s economic development in recent years, coupled with the euro exchange rate fell, the Mainland Hawker have traveled to Europe, cheap half price rush to buy brand-name, but a drag on sales of luxury goods in the Mainland to damage the overall profitability

4,428,000 from last year’s third rose first, up to the Group Chairman and CEO Frank cloth income of Halo before she was hungry, nearly three months have not eaten lunch, she saved nearly 5000 yuan Achieve fiber to the building, FTTH, fiber to the desk, full-coverage wireless networkFrench elections the weather changes, hit “the hatred of the rich” policy when President-elect Outlander campaign, to the rich “rich tax” levied up to 75%, till after the election results, the French Regal panic, have the money transferred to the United Kingdom buy real estate, resulting in parts of London house prices soaring by six times, France, the old brand LV, more outgoing may headquarters moved from Paris to London


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