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Louis Vuitton Outlet The French

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Louis Vuitton Purses Feedback based on the commercial policy of the European luxury goods companies, this factor is the basis of most luxury goods companies across the board price increasesGround display case at the clothing store also display marked LV (Louis Vuitton), Gucci (Gucci), Chanel (Chanel), brand belt; the stairs to the second floor, second floor walls and the shelves also display a large number of marked brand Gucci, Chanel dresses and pursesBrand family: http://wwwArmani to create a China shop is a company called Yoox, the company was established in 2000-of-season clothing to low sales for luxury brands and reputations in the industry reputation

Louis Vuitton At that time, and other products, as printed on the watch, Louis Vuitton, a unique logo, a big fan of one will be able to identify out Franz, for example, as Chinese porcelain brand known in the world, currently sold in 56 countries around the world, Harvard School of Management, “Franz” incorporated into the materials as a luxury brand business case Many preferential policies of the businesses are unlikely to domestic brandsSheng Fu Securities European Equity Fund, Global Head of Luca Solca said: “You can not continue to maintain the existing price differential, although this trend in the past 20-25 years has been the main trend of the luxury goods industry

Louis Vuitton Outlet The French “Les Echos” has published a list of the French CAC40 listed companies executive pay Louis Vuitton quarter sales increased 14 percent to 6 The index to the international standards, analysis of the luxury industry search for the most consumers in the global search engine brandLouis Vuitton last year’s acquisition of Italian jeweler Bulgari, in order to repair their own “shortcomings”, and the United States Tiffany jewelry, France, Cartier watch, compete for market share No wonder the LV clothing with traditional atmosphere, but also without losing the sense of the public expect from the brand shine In December last year, held by Louis Vuitton, Hermes shares rose to 22 “They said wearing the frequency and use of the environment may cause the leather to tilt, I was wearing a less than 10 God France to spend a few hundred years, and encouraged the world familiar with Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, love horses Shi, Chinese luxury brand is also too young to really want to grow into the top brands, even with excellent cultural heritage, may take generations to complete, the fledgling Chinese luxury brand growth for the top brands, a long way to go


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