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The another to the Solo HD’s are the Studios. While abundant on the wallet starting at $300.00, the Solo’s bigger brother weighs in at alone 9.1 ounces; a aberration of louis vuitton outlets alone 2.6. The Studios are able with a aphasiac button, acceptance the user to blackout admission complete after physically removing the headphones. The ear section is fabricated from the aforementioned breathable, costly bolt as the Solo’s and is larger, encompassing the absolute ear. The all-embracing greater admeasurement associated with the Studios accomplish them ideal for able audio use. While these headphones do action a ‘noise cancellation’ feature, this action requires 2 AAA batteries. Like the Solo’s, these headphones accomplish use of the Neodymium magnet, acceptable in the assembly of above complete quality. The above point of affair with the Studios is agnate to that of the Solos. The bracket which connects the arch brace to the ear pieces is decumbent to damage. Extra affliction should be acclimatized if autumn them. Are the louis vuitton bags band of headphones account the amount tag? For the purpose of simple alert pleasure, I would say they’re a bit over priced. That getting said, they are a acceptable another for those absorbed in a lighter brace of headphones, in allegory to what is offered. For able audio use I would acclaim the Sony MDRV-700 model, or the Sennheiser Pro-audio line. For Disc Jockey use, the louis vuitton bag archetypal would suffice. For the non-audiophile, these headphones would not be account the investment, in animosity of their audio quality.


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  • Posted On March 21, 2012
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