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Luxurious knickers

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Luxurious knickers may have a strange name for some people, but there’s actually nothing strange about them. In fact, Luxurious knickers have a certain sense of tradition and have been used in many cultures of the world throughout history under different names and in somewhat different variations.

Luxurious Knickers Origin

Luxurious knickers are a type of bloomers, which started to get popular around 1850, particularly among aristocracy. Bloomers were originally invented by Elizabeth Smith Miller in New York, but were popularized by Amelia Bloomer, whom the garments were named after. The initial design was long and baggy, worn under a skirt and cuffed at the ankle region.

Since Victorian fashion was prevalent at the time, Luxurious knickers or bloomers allowed freedom of movement while still preserving decency by Victorian standards. However, bloomers were initially ridiculed in the media and rarely worn, with the word “bloomer” even being used as an insult. Luxurious knickers and their variations actually became popular later on after this initial period of shunning.

Luxurious Knickers Evolution

In a period between 1910 and 1930, a variation of bloomers which were knee-long became popular as an undergarment. These were the first variation on the original bloomer design, this new design known as Luxurious knickers, and this design continued to be worn by elder women even decades later. The design was almost identical to original bloomers, with the only difference being in the length.

Later on through the first half of the 20th century, Luxurious knickers variations were worn both by men and women for fashion, athletic and professional purposes. They allowed freedom of movement while being warm and concealing enough for the standards of those times.

Modern Bloomers and Luxurious Knickers

Luxurious knickers and bloomers continued to evolve in the 20th century. Japan used Luxurious knickers as official clothing for women’s physical education classes, but after the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 they drastically changed the design. The new Luxurious knickers or bloomer design fit more tightly to the body and were much shorter, very similar to certain uniforms worn in female sports, such as volleyball and handball. This new design basically looked like underwear, but was typically worn over proper underwear.

The design also had the effect of starting a clothing fetish focusing on Japanese bloomers, which caused certain schools to use shorts for physical education classes instead of bloomers. Individuals interested in such a fetish typically address this type of bloomers with the English phrase “buruma”. However, the original baggy bloomer design is still often used in schools in countries around the world. Luxurious knickers will still be around for a long time due to their practicality and comfort of wear.

These girls preferred denim jeans to pencil skirts, and wore the directoire knickers in basic cotton instead of the silk and nylons the older generation favoured. The miniskirt fashion required directoire knickers to be short, and the rule was to wear such panties as the wearer did not mind if they became exposed. This lead to bikini-style directoire knickers.
Directoire knickers- History

Traditionally, when women wore stockings, they wore directoire knickers under a garter belt, and lingerie is still advertised and photographed in this way in catalogues and on websites. However, some women wear directoire knickers over suspenders. If the directoire knickers are reasonably tight, this pins the suspenders to the body

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