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MacBook Air

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Huge advancements in the world of technology have made laptops more elegant and customizable. With the emergence of new technology, new laptop models are always being released, while innovative and more functional versions are coming to captivate the market. With the present generation laptop users preferring lightweight and ultra-portable machines, Apple has responded positively to the demands by introducing MacBook Air. Slim and attractive, these MacBook models are as popular as the Panasonic toughbooks.

Apple’s MacBook Air comes with a shiny LED illuminated display, a big trackpad and a full-size keyboard. The trackpad not only responds to your multi-touch gestures but also supports Chinese alphabets. The latest versions of MacBook Air have the latest generation of Core i5 and i7 Intel processors. They have a faster memory and speed up to 1.8GHz, the Air is much better than its previous generation counterpart. A MacBook Air is equipped with the Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor containing an on-chip engine for video decoding and encoding. This lets you enjoy smoother and more responsive video playback and Face Time calls.

Let us now compare a MacBook Air with toughbooks. The machines built under the toughbook brand are made to resist drops, vibration and rough handling. They can withstand extreme temperatures. A MacBook Air is not as tough as the toughbooks. It is slim and marked by its new and exciting features that are vital for a subnotebook. The 13.3-inch screen and less than 1.5 kg weight, the model is extremely flat. Before the introduction of MacBook Air, Sony’s Vaio VGN-X505 was the most lightweight computer model. Just looking from outside, you can hardly compare a MacBook with a toughbook. One possesses features that the other does not have. However, if you combine the features of both the laptops, you will probably get the best portable computer. A toughbook is a brand-mark owned by Panasonic Corporation.

True that the MacBooks are noted for their elegant look, high functionality and portability; but they are pricey at the same time. If you cannot afford a brand new machine, you can look for the refurbished models.  If you browse through the Apple website, you will come across a section which talks about refurbished computers for sale. You can click this section to find a range of refurbished machines that are offered for a lesser price. There is nothing to e worried about the performance of a refurbished device since Apple claims that all their refurbished items go through “Strict quality refurbishment process”.

Apple’s exhaustive refurbishment process involves thorough examination of the computer and, if required, replacement of the faulty parts. The machine is put through a rigorous cleaning and returned-to-factory process before they are repackaged and allotted a new refurbished part number. Finally, all the refurbished devices go through a final quality assurance process before joining the renovated models for resale. Other than Apple, many other online stores offer refurbished MacBooks for sale. The products sold in these online shops are also thoroughly examined and inspected.


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