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Maintaining your Investment: Basic Carpet Maintenance

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Carpets are nice, they keep your feet warm during the winter, they’re softer to walk and stand on than wood floors, and they can provide a nice color to the room they’re in. They do require care and maintenance. It’s not a location thing either, it’s not like only people in the sandy deserts in Arizona or the arctic tundra of northern Alaska have to worry, people who live in moderate temperate places like Spotsylvania, VA have to actively maintain their carpets.

The first thing is obviously vacuuming; you want to prevent dirt from being ground in. Vacuuming also helps prevent the crushing effect. Crushing is when carpet gets less thick because of foot traffic; you might notice this on a carpeted stair case, that the spots people’s feet go are depressed. Vacuuming can help reduce the extent to which the carpet is crushed. Vacuuming is also important for the obvious dirt control reasons. You want to keep the floor clean if possible

Foot traffic can damage the carpet though, so if you know there are certain choke points one thing you can do is put down a soft mat to reduce the wear and tear on carpets. The other option is to move your furniture around from time to time. This will change the traffic patterns. It’s also worth noting that heavy furniture can cause deep indents in the furniture, so moving them around can reduce how deep the indentations from the furniture are.

With most things, the sun can age and discolor them, this holds true for carpet as well. If you want to preserve your carpet’s original color try to limit the direct exposure to sunlight. This can probably be achieved with a few blinds to dissipate the sunlight coming in. There isn’t a ton you can do about the sun, and the best hope is to limit it and make sure the effects are even. To that end if you can you might want to avoid putting a mat down in an area that does get high sun as that will cause a noticeable color difference.

One thing that isn’t a problem: ever get those weird little fluffs from the carpet? Those loose fibers that come up during vacuuming? If the carpet is new it no doubt made you panic that the carpet was defective or falling apart. Don’t worry it’s a normal thing; it’s just a byproduct of the construction process. So things to keep in mind: vacuum regularly, handle foot traffic where possible, either through redirection or mats of some sort, and limit the deleterious effects of the sun.

Carpets Spotsylvania VA – If you are a resident of Spotsylvania, VA area, you have to actively maintain your carpets due to moderate temperate. JK Carpets will provide you with the tools and knowledge on the proper way to maintain your carpets.


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