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Making a Difference Through Christian Music

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Joyful sounds are to be made with various musical instruments as David told the leaders of the Levites in the book of chronicles. With his triumph over Goliath the giant, David the shepherd boy is a renowned person from Biblical history. Aside from this, David is also a king and as the king, one of the things he wanted was for his people to be exposed to lots of good music.

Nowadays, music is heavily used when people go to the church to worship God. Worship and other church activities could not function properly without music. Churches play music while people worship as this intensifies their connection with the Lord in more ways than one.

Part of being a good Christian is making excellent music during worship. Music is not one of those things that should be done on a whim. You do not have an option not to participate when the music plays especially when you are in the church.

King David commanded his priests, the Levites, to make joyful sounds with the instruments that they have for a very good reason. One of the most important things that these people were safeguarding was the Ark of the Covenant. Using poles, the Levites carried the Ark of the Covenant on their shoulders in accordance to the orders of Moses and there are verses that relate to this very action.

When it comes to this ark, it symbolizes God and this is why it should be revered. King David gave two commands in reaction to God being among them at that moment: to consecrate themselves and to offer music to God. When someone teaches you Christian music, you should take it seriously because this is one of the ways by which you can praise the Lord.

Apart from the music that they offered, what did the Levites do to consecrate themselves before the ark? Verses 11-13 explain that they consecrated themselves by following the “prescribed way”. The Holy Scriptures prescribes a way of life that Christians must follow.

Speaking of the prescribed way of doing things, what kind of music fits into this? The kind of music that you have to offer should involve the use of various instruments. Since it is for the Lord, the music needs to be full of life.

Aside from lyres and harps, cymbals made of bronze were also used to create music in the book of Chronicles. While the melody played, the priests dealt with a lot of singing. And those that performed the music were “skillful at it”.

Praising God with music requires skill. Due to this, it is important for music played in churches to be rehearsed. Considering the fact that a lot of work needs to be put into the creation of music for the Lord, there are professional artists these days that cater to the needs of Christians.

These days, there is a genre that pertains to worship music and this is because of how people are seeing its relevance in the lives of many people. This is a genre that is listened to by both churched and un-churched people giving it more of an impact in people’s lives. God is always around so you do not have to be inside the church to play and listen to music that gives Him praise.

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