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Making the Most out of Your SteelMaster Building

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Like all SteelMaster customers, his needs were uniquely his own. He was in search of a building that was dually appealing to the eye and one to provide adequate protection from the elements of the rugged Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 5,200 feet above sea level.

steel-building-montanaChris chose SteelMaster Building’s 25’ x 40’ X-Model. “I picked this building because it has the functionality I needed. I particularly liked the different looking lines of this steel arched building compared to others out there. Some looked too industrial/agricultural for my taste,” said Chris. “My building features three skylights and my own custom designed and framed end walls. Plus, I found SteelMaster’s snow-load capacity superior – which is a necessity here in Montana.”

Chris said, “I needed a root cellar to store our garden produce, space for our garden equipment and tools, a workshop area, and additional storage in a non-freezing environment. We designed the building to include storage by pouring a 6’ concrete retaining wall at the north gable end, and backfilling soil to that level. Then we built a loft to store our garden equipment with entry at ground level on the north end, which also serves as the ceiling for our cool root cellar. We have space for my workshop in the middle section, and more loft and general storage in the south one-third of the building.

“Mr. Williams was truly a joy for us to work with because he already had a clear-cut vision for his SteelMaster Building,” said Anthony Bueno, Vice President of SteelMaster. “Further, his construction knowledge and ability to use the clear-span space to its potential was clearly to his benefit, saving him money. After all, isn’t that what we all want… the best product our money can buy?”

Karen Willis, also Vice President of SteelMaster pointed this out, “Whether you are an engineer, architect, construction expert, or someone with little to no building savvy whatsoever, our steel and metal pre-fabricated arched building kits are keenly designed with your needs in mind.”

metal-building-montana”Basically, if you can open the boxes and are handy with a screwdriver, you can erect a SteelMaster Building,” added Rob Poellnitz, who completes SteelMaster’s Vice Presidential trio. “And, I do not mean that in a condescending way. Even though SteelMaster is second to none in the industry, it is our customers who continue to amaze us… yes, we design – but they boggle the mind!”

Chris began preparation of his site in late June of 2011. He formed the footings and poured the concrete. Once the footings cured, he erected two of the building’s panels at the north end, formed the retaining wall by tying it into the first erected panel, and poured the wall the end of July. By the first week in August, he had assembled the panels in workable sections, and final assembly of the completed panels followed suit. Once the brackets were installed, he grouted the panels to the foundation, laid drain tile around the foundation, back filled, and began constructing the gable end walls and interior.

“It took three men and a 13-year old only four days to get all the panels in place and assembled together,” remarked Chris.

Chris summed up his SteelMaster experience by saying, “I am pleased with the structural strength and the aesthetics of our building, and we WILL be recommending SteelMaster to others!”

SteelMaster’s steel and metal pre-engineered buildings are designed for a broad range of residential and commercial applications including homes, farm buildings, garages, workshops, agricultural storage, Quonsets, airplane hangars, RV storage, roofing systems, carports, military buildings, commercial warehousing, and industrial storage as well as a wide variety of custom building applications including athletic facilities, retail stores, churches, bus stops, smoke shacks, doggie dorms, and correctional facilities.

SteelMaster will be celebrating its 30-year Anniversary next month. This milestone marks over 40,000 satisfied customers with SteelMaster buildings constructed worldwide on six continents, in over 50 countries, and throughout the United States.

Chris Williams required a multi-purpose <a href=””>steel  building</a> for which he chose <a href=””>SteelMaster Building</a>’s  25’ x 40’ X-Model and is very pleased with the structural strength of steel master buildings.


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