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Manufacture and installation of home surveillance camera——

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Today’s security technology is everywhere! With the popularity of the security, the family also cited a variety of camera surveillance technology!

First, surveillance ip camera installation technical requirements

Camera with a wire rated voltage should be greater than the operating voltage of the line; wire insulation should be consistent with the line installation and laying of the environmental conditions. The cross-sectional area of ??the wire should be able to meet the requirements of the power supply and mechanical strength.

2, camera wiring necessary to prevent the wire with connectors. Unless the connector is not available, the ir ip camera connector must be used to the pressure line or welding wire connections and branch office should not be subject to the role of mechanical forces. The empty wire in the tube, in any case are not joint, if necessary, as much as possible to the connector on the junction box on the probe terminal.

3, camera wiring installed in buildings to maintain a horizontal or vertical. The wiring should be added casing protection (plastic or iron pipes, indoor plumbing technology requirements), ceiling alignment of available metal hose, subject to a fixed and secure appearance.

4, the
best ip camera signal line is not parallel with the high power electric lines, not to wear in the same tube. As a result of environmental constraints, to parallel lines, will have to stay away from more than 50cm.

5, camera, alarm control box of the AC power should be separate alignment, the webcam is not working and the signal line and low voltage DC power cord to wear at the same tube, the installation of the AC power cord should be consistent with the electrical installation standard.

6, waterproof ip camera, alarm control box to the ceiling of the alignment requirements the jacketed management into the wall or be protected with iron pipes, in order to improve the anti-theft system, anti-destruction performance. The technical requirements of the camera indoor plumbing

7, camera-ray tube wiring Ming with the dark with two. Camera Ming piping requirements of smooth vertical and horizontal, neat appearance. Dark piping requirements of the pipeline is short, smooth, and less elbow.

Second, the PC camera as a surveillance camera

The existence of the difference of the application design computer camera and professional surveillance camera, so the computer camera as a surveillance camera had to carry out some settings.

Shooting distance:
mini ip camera lens has a focus adjustment ring, it can be used to a certain distance of focus. PC camera for video chat, the focal length is generally 0.5 m to 1 m, PC camera, home video monitoring, camera and shooting conditions, the interval may reach 3-6 meters, so to re-adjust the focus.

Recording pixels: the pixel value of the camera up to 1.3 million to 3 million, due to limited network bandwidth for video chat, the use of pixels are set at about 300 000. Video surveillance must be used to shooting all the details of the capture resolution as high as possible. Of course shoot higher the resolution, the greater the need for storage space, and general video surveillance to monitor the range of less than 10 meters, 1.3 million pixel resolution to meet the requirements.

Brightness, contrast: in order to shoot clear, in addition to focusing accuracy, appropriate pixels, brightness and contrast adjustment of the wireless ip camera is also very important. When using the camera to manually light adjustment, lock the shooting position, brightness, contrast. Indoor lighting conditions are often uneven, according to the actual shooting conditions to manually adjust the brightness.

Set up location: good monitoring location will give the future monitoring of convenience, home users can take covert erected a small computer camera hidden in the living room TV cabinet or the other a higher position, so get better shooting angle, and at the same time to avoid detection.


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