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Many benefits of generic Topamax

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Do you think it is possible to benefit from a side effect of a certain pharmaceutical medicine? For many people who buy anticonvulsants to help reduce the number of seizures from epilepsy, or prevent migraine headaches, the very thought of various side effects they will have to deal with is painful enough. Although Topamax is a prescription only medication for treating of epilepsy and migraine headaches, it has a number of positive side effects. And for some people it may be a good thing. In a matter of fact, some health providers do prescribe generic Topamax on certain occasions as a weight loss medicine.

Buy anticonvulsants to get weight loss treatment?
As it turns out, weight loss is a very common side effect of Topamax, and in clinical trials this side effect was reported in 16% of adults and 21% of children. Although such side effect may be desirable for teens and children, it should not be overused since it could turn into a serious problem for growing bodies.

Topamax’s weight lost capability has never been approved by the FDA, however in certain situations it may be recommended by your doctor in order to do just that. And when it is prescribed for weight loss, this use of drug is called “off-label” since it is used to treat a condition or a decease for which it was never approved by the FDA. Although the FDA watches over how a certain medication is promoted or advertised by the manufacturer, it doesn’t restrict how doctors use it to prescribe for different medical conditions.

Before you buy anticonvulsants such as generic Topamax, your healthcare provider may prescribe it to you for off-label use if he/she feels that it is appropriate for your specific situation. Even though off-label uses are a common practice, you should not feel ashamed asking your doctor if he/she is prescribing you a certain medication in a manner that is not approved by the FDA.

To sum it all up, it should be mentioned, that while generic Topamax is not approved for weight loss, there may be a few situations where using this drug for the purpose of weight loss may be highly acceptable. You need to discuss all pros and cons with your doctor in order to determine if such treatment is right for you. And remember, that sometimes it is best to seek the advice of not one, but several doctors in order to get more accurate judgment about your situation.

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