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Maramures an brilliant region of Romania

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Maramures is a small and exclusive area in northern Romania situated on the northeastern Carpathians, along the upper Tisa River, where the culture, traditions and medieval lifestyle was well stored.
High altitude mountains, forests, hills, river valleys and many rivers and lakes creates a unique landscape which makes Maramures an brilliant region of Romania.

Many citizens presume that Maramures is the hearth and soul of the rural Romania and the visitants have the chance to stept back in time to witness the no problem life and time, a one and only occasion that you can catch only in the countryside of Maramures.

Tourists will be capable to visit numerous attractions, from the wooden churches and museums to the village markets and regular life of the shepherds. The best mode to attain the culture of Maramures is to stick together to the local population in walking the village roads and navigating the trails on the hills and down in the valleys surrounding the villages.

Access to Maramures is truly easy, you can arrive there by bus, train and even by air transport. Any voyage of Maramures should start-off with its capital, Baia Mare, the point of easiest access to the county.

You can arrive to Maramures at any time of the year, because the people are very welcoming and they greet guests at any time with open arms. But depending on the types of activities you like, certain times of the year are better than others. In general, from May to September is a good period to plan your stay in Maramures, because the weather is warmer and sunnier and the fields and hillsides looks stunning in a big diversity of colors.

If you take winter sports you should know that the ski season typically lasts from mid to late December until the end of March.

Some places to try are:
- the divine wooden churches raised by local carpenters
- Sapanta Merry Cemetery, a individual graveyard, with wooden crosses painted in vivid colors and where every cross is incomparable
- The Vaser River Valley, a narrow railway named Mocanita
- Numerous lakes, waterfalls, caves and volcanic mountains
- Traditional Crafts which are an expression of beauty and spirituality that describe Maramures

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