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Marble Industry Development Direction and Scale

  • Posted April 23, 2012
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At present China’s marble quarrying and processing industries are widespread in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The East China and South-central regions are leading producers, contributing over 70% of the country’s total marble production.

In the East China region, the Shandong Peninsula has become China’s most important marble producing base, with 37 marble quarries. They produce more than 30 varieties, of which the famous ones are ‘snow flower white’, ‘Laiyang green’ and ‘crystal white’. The annual production capacity of marble quarry stone has reached 100,000 m3. At present there are more than 1,400 building stone enterprises. More than 60 processing enterprises are of certain production scale and the annual production of marble dimension stone has reached 12.60 million m2.

In the south-central region, the major marble producers are in Guangdong and Shanxi, and Henan and Hebei also produce large amounts of marble.

In Guangdong there are more than 4,000 building stone enterprises of varying sizes and more than 60 marble quarrying localities. The large quarries are mainly distributed in Yunfu, Luoding, Jiaoling, Lianzhou, Shenzhen and Yingde. The annual production of marble planks reaches 5.59 million m2. There are over 40 marble varieties and the famous ones are ‘Yunfu flower’, ‘Lin red’, ‘Jiaoling white’, ‘Shenzhen jade’, ‘Ling red’ and ‘Luoding black’.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as mobile jaw crushers,impact crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.limestone rotary kiln: separating line:

In Guangxi there are more than 1,500 building stone enterprises. The main marble quarries are in Guilin, Zhongshan, Hexian, Linchuan, Zhongchuan, Pinyang, Debao and Zhaoping. The annual production of marble planks reaches 6.09 million.

The Southwest region is also an important marble producer in China. In Sichuan Province there are more than 1,300 building stone enterprises. The main marble quarries are distributed in Baoxing, Ya’an, Shimian, Nanjiang and Nantong. The annual production of marble planks of the whole province is over 2.70 million m2. There are more than ten main varieties and the famous ones are ‘Shu white jade’, ‘Baoxing white’, ‘Shu gold-white’, ‘Ba black jade’, ‘Nanjiang red’ and ‘Tianguan black’.

In addition to the above-mentioned main marble producing areas, Fangshan of Beijing and Quyang of Hebei in the North China region, Dandong in the Northeast region and Hanzhong in the Northwest region are also areas where marble quarrying and processing enterprises are concentrated.


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