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March for illegal immigrants in Europe

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cities of the European Union. And is expected to reach the march to Maastricht, the Netherlands has been the adoption of the treaty governing the European Union, and then to Schengen in Luxembourg headquarters of signing the agreement governing the movement of citizens within the European space. And will march sail on the second of July next in Strasbourg, France, where the seat of parliament Europe, which represents the voice of citizens, after having cut the participants about 1900 km. seeking this process – involving illegal immigrants from countries such as Belgium, France and Germany – to protest the immigration policy of the European and demand the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees respect for the rights of asylum seekers and freedom of movement., says a spokeswoman for the International Alliance of Jean illegal residents Maecha Sambana “We demand the settlement of legal status for all immigrants living illegally,” the economic situation and world today makes the European policy to strengthen the border expensive, while “Europe without borders” do not cost a thing . adds Sambana – in an interview with Al Jazeera Net – that immigrants make up the wealth of the European Union and are not dependent on it. For his part, says Sissoko Anzoumana is a personnel branch of France for the alliance, “we must eliminate a modern head of the National Front right-wing extremist Marine Le Pen on migration” and adds, “We highlight the fact that the immigration issue positive for Europe,” Immigrants are liberated France, and Africa that has made France a world power fifth in the world today. seeks organizers of the march to raise public attention to what they see as repressive laws, has adopted the Member States – Since the establishment of the Schengen area – laws in the field of migration allows arrest, detention and expulsion, as is the application of these laws are increasingly in ways that violent and arbitrary, which betrays a phobia of foreigners. says Sambana The march will be presented on arrival to Strasbourg file for parliamentarians with practical proposals have been deduced from the experience of long in a number of countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and even the United States. and add a spokeswoman for the Alliance of committees illegal residents that the march will try to recall the need to be careful not to exploit situation of illegal immigrants for electoral purposes.

Believes that the most important goals of this process is the definition of all citizens that they are dealing daily with men, women and children aspire to participate in social life with a commitment to their duties, despite the diminution of their basic rights because of their geographical location and color of their skin or their religion. Suffer migrants residing illegally in difficult circumstances in Europe, as it does not have the right to work or take advantage of social assistance and health, which makes many of them vulnerable to exploitation by employers as well as housing in places inappropriate., says a Moroccan immigrant named Mohammed – the island – that this group of immigrants accepted to do work that been rejected by many citizens, and adds that governments are realizing that they do not lift a finger because they prefer this situation, which provides the labor price is very cheap. It is noteworthy that there are no official statistics on the number of immigrants living illegally in various European countries. killed 31 people shot dead by Syrian security most of them in Idleb and Damascus, as reported by the Syrian network of human rights, in what she said the General Authority of the revolution that the regular army bombing helicopters towns of Kafr Zeta and Aellatamna Brief Hama and several neighborhoods in Homs. According to the security forces Syrian stormed the town Algaria Suweida and flew helicopters in the sky city of Deir al-Zour, while the army stormed the town Alsaitat. In the province of a shield and surroundings, the security forces broke off communication for most areas, and broke into the village with tanks and cannula campaigns carried out a raid and cracking of houses and arrested more than a dozen people.

The town of Khirbat al-Ghazali, in a shield shooting at the southern entrance, and the city Almsvrh in the rural area may have seen last night, huge explosions and fire from heavy machine guns in addition to the anti-aviation use by the army. For her part, the local coordinating committees that huge explosion shook the old districts of Homs, was also alive and Jouret Jobar Shiyah and rugged for the bombing of a mortar and rocket launchers. The Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus has seen after the middle of last night, huge explosions and the sounds of bullets from heavy weapons, as witnessed neighborhood solidarity, including arbitrary arrests of dozens of children of the neighborhood. These developments come after a day of fire killed 31 of the regular army in different areas, mostly in the always close to Damascus, she said, according to the General Authority for the Syrian revolution. Killed eighty soldiers, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in Britain-based, gunmen Syrians killed eighty soldiers, at least at the beginning of the week in an escalation of attacks that followed threatened to resume fighting if the lack of respect Systems President Bashar al-Assad of the cease-fire which is supported by the United Nations.

According to the Observatory, the local doctors confirmed killed that number of regular troops, while the Observatory for the transfer of some of their emphasis rebels killed more than a hundred soldiers and tanks destroyed in clashes in some parts of Syria, including Damascus, London 2012 Olympic Live Stream in the northwest.


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