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Maximize Car Wash Profits with a Fresh Design or Remodel

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Maximize your car wash profits with a fresh design or remodel. Using a team with in-house manufacturing to pre-fabricate the decor and signage will drastically minimize any downtime and business disruption.

Maximize the impact of your car wash facilities by creating a design theme that attracts attention and draws customers from the street. Regardless of whether you are working with a current facility, or building a brand new building, an effective car wash design maximizes the impact of each location and, ultimately, your profits.

Minimize Downtime
When interviewing and evaluating potential car wash designers, discuss the downtime for construction and installation. You do not have to suffer through extended periods of downtime and lost profits if you choose a designer who can pre-fabricate the decor elements in-house, prior to construction. Look for a car wash designer who works closely with the manufacturing team and installation crew to minimize disruption to your normal working hours. The bottom line is this: you don’t have to suffer through excessive downtime and construction headaches for beautiful, comprehensive designs.

Maximize Appeal
Exterior signage and decor can make or break a car wash. Car washes depend on these exterior design elements to grab the attention of cars driving by, therefore the exterior design must be eye-catching and appealing. A car wash design or remodel can help you maximize appeal – and profits – by improving visibility, credibility, and ease of access.

Get cars off the street and into your new car wash. Maximize the street appeal of your car wash with new signage and a fresh design from I-5 Design & Manufacture. I-5 Design manages all aspects of your car wash design from concept to completion, including pre-fabricating the decor elements to minimize downtime. Read more about our car wash design experience in our portfolio.


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