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MBT Kaya beautiful I do not know what the words to describe

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She is a very sweet, shy little girl, in my eyes she is the most beautiful, I do, a hegemony of very good strong aggressive boys.

I began when she and her story is from the campus, still clearly remember when she and her sister goes to school by bike, and my early every day to simply want to see only to see her a few more eyes, do not want to delay time to meet with her because of late, then I do not understand what love is. Just like her, wants to make her happy, let her not be bullied, would not let her feelings and wanted to protect her, taking care of her, and even planted the idea of non-she did not marry in the future.

Primary school Shi who to to deliberately to makes she, deliberately to gas she, deliberately to bully she, even own think bad of boy more and she said several sentence words, I will waving with own of small fist to defending mind in the of [Queen], class most love dry of thing is secretly of aiming she, secretly of observation she of every move, guess she this will in wanted to what,MBT Koshi I the how to close she, wanted to with how to let she happy, the how to in she before better of show with own, for this all I always enjoy with, as long as a reminds she heart on will sweet of.

One day dream is over, due to my aggressive and my naughty, I fought kicked out of school. I regret, is reluctant to leave her. Later, my sister told me that I was fired when she cries well sad, she didn’t want to see me, she will not I. After listening to this I was constantly blaming himself, how am I less impulsive, why should I blow, why I was fired. Is fired when I tell my guys take care of it, don’t let her be bullied, not: I told you you’re welcome. That hegemony’s character seems to have not disappeared, the students are afraid of me, think I’m bad, loved bully people. I simply cannot imagine that so much, is only someone afraid I only think I can better protect her.

In this way, I often risked being risks in order to see her side of the family, next to the others ‘ eyes on the street all day [local ruffians and hooligans] mixed together. A run out from home is a home ten days half a month not, not to make a phone call to my family. (Now think of it it really unfilial. Mother was I cry countless) stole all day, and then sell, to buy something to eat. Because folks hate us, we are the second chute, the thief, the bad guys. We went to sleep at night other ground stone shed, covered the next day was straw. Then go to the river and wash face, finishing under clothes, and take to the streets.

Frequently entering into the school, although his clothes are dirty,mbt shoes online face is Haggard also stop idea I’d like to see her, quietly on the sidelines watching her, because I don’t want to damage its image before her, quietly on climbing in the window to see what she was doing. As long as the sight of her, all my sufferings have been forgotten completely. Feeling just watching her, even the end of the world, I will not fear. Very happy and very sweet. Whenever heard that she had been so and bullying, the man who bullied her dead. So to protect her in silence, watching my love. Days just repeated lived day by day.

Then I grab back by family, Mum and dad don’t give me a penny. (I also ran out) one day, they went out to play cards, I’ll quietly ran to the side of the road out of scrap metal. (Because we lived in the city before attending school in the town) is probably because I too want to see her, when I put my pride and dignity of all cast aside, picking up a long time, and finally heaven not all worthwhile, I finally sold 4 fast 8 wool. Heart pleased the King, and finally we can see her. Buy tickets remaining after 3 cents along the way, was excited. Looking forward to, want to see what to say her first word. The go and play.

That day happens to be on Friday, students from school. Finally arrived and walked all the way to the gate of the school. The bell rang, I mat toe looks from my students go one by one before. But didn’t see me one afternoon, she appears. A little down. And consolation, she may have anything please leave it. I also ran the school gate on Sunday, still haven’t met her, I was a little anxious. Go ask and she played good girl. They say hear me after stealing her junior college. Was feeling day to step down, a little hate her, why do this to me, I have done so much for you, I do want to do a thief, I do want to be looked down upon by others. Also not all because of you. From that thought I be more violence, fighting is the only way I vent. But still can not interrupt, I continue to look for her ideas.

Life really fast, and soon a few years later, once the 14.5 years old little boy, now have is a nearly 20 young men. Due to prove to her I’m not nobody, in the meantime I’ve had many girlfriends, for I am not responsible, fresh soon dumped cruel people. Not to ignore other people’s feelings. One day a woman in my world, I was deeply fascinated by her, lost self. She said what was what, perhaps too accommodating, resulting finally ended in tragedy. Also remember it was a Valentine’s day, she told me that she is going to work today, could not come to me.MBT Ema I had prepared her for her most wanted gift, but she said she was going to work I was understanding. After a few days she came to my home on the Internet, we talk a lot of fun, she opened its space happy means a space there is a picture of, pleased to say that; look, this is Valentine’s day gift from my friend gave me. May be she spills the beans. Also see her sitting next to a man, I will understand. So I proposed to her to break up, she left me as a man I had suicidal thoughts are germination. Perhaps once I hurt too many girls, this punishment is Heaven to me!

Experience the last time the grieved, the way I feel emotionally mature a lot. Hurts in my most painful when a girl has been aside to comfort me, call me picking me, with me. Slowly we all had a good impression, so any longer. I feel like the first prize in sand so good I met a girl, feeling themselves is not a complete loser. Was she told me to get my confidence. I love her, she is in love with me, knows how to take care of me. I am satisfied, so a year. Until now.

Once old until old classmate called me, talked talked talked about my first love of me, told me her phone number. Day, she had now please? In recent years did she remember me? Did she still reading? Friends did? With many many questions let I can’t wait of to she playing has a phone, she sound also is no variable, also is so scratchy, but I feeling variable of cheerful has, had that in I before silent of girl now does not shy has, undoubtedly also is a bit strange, but chat of is hit, she to I explained with she why will left school, this years she do has what some what. I also told her no concealment of this happening in these days. Bitter litigation also have its grievances. But news is that I can still see her in my life, was very happy. A lot of fun.

Not long ago, she said Internet and I sent a message and I cried. I asked why she is crying, bullying is being her boyfriend. She answered I miss you, thinking about this and that cry. She said she likes me. I was very pleased with oneself also in the heart, the original I have status in her heart. After a few days, I don’t know how to think in a tangled, back to their own unexpected messages, I asked she; can you wait for me? She should return a; ex. As long as you don’t be ashamed of it good. I was frightened. Heart is the idea of cheating. But I also notice they can’t do that. Did my girlfriend to do now. Love me I couldn’t hurt a woman. What’s more, I love her. I have been hurt, I understand that taste, really very sad, very painful. I can’t do. While contradictory wanted to be with first love, then what will happen in the future, must be very happy.

In this way, I imagine everything that could happen, MBT Tupu and problems has been entangled with, I think the reason of dealing with this matter, or even that he had adulterous, but fit, after all, these two are I most care about women, the choice, what. All of it please see set

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