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Media Reports Warcraft Still in a Very Strong Status

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  How much money did “Star Wars: The Old Republic” grab from the WoW since on line on earth? According to a report from an independent investigative, the EA’s game does not take advantage of WoW.

  Ever since the EA build the Star Wars: The Old Republic with 200 million cost in six years, high-risk and high-return MMORPG market became noisy. WoW as one of the most important product of Activision Blizzard, brought more than 1 billion revenue one year.

  When EA announced the activation users of the “Old Republic” have over 1.7 million, almost all of the gaming worlds want to know how much trauma that the Old Republic might bring to WoW in the end. This Activision Blizzard’s super MMORPG has been dominated this market ever since on-line in 2004. The players need to pay $ 13 to $ 15 a month to continue the game. But so far, the fixed number of people who donate money to Blizzard from eleven million to 10.2 million monthly.

  Activision Blizzard originally expected to increase gamers, but in fact the numbers of people are still slowly decreases. However, we can see from the observation of the MMORPG community, “Old Republic” for the WoW is not as strong as expected.

  ”Old Republic” shows people that in this world, not just a fee MMO can be a classic. “Founder and CEO of Curse.Inc, HubertThieblot says. This company who located in San Francisco, operating a number of MMORPGs website, and nearly 3 million hits each month. According to Hubert, the listing of the “Old Republic” does not take much impact to WoW.

  Curse confirmed in the previous report: the number of people of the Old Republic community website DarthHater grows very rapidly, but still has great gap with the number of WoW community.

  In addition, another site concern with the MMORPG, ZAMNetwork observed the same trend. The Wowhead which is under control by this company is the most popular WoW information site. RyanBohmann, the president of the company, said: “Since September in last year, traffic of the site remains stable.” In fact, last year, compared with this year, traffic of the site had increased 7%which mixed the “Old Republic” on-line.

  Another reason for this trend: a lot of WoW players are just want to have a try to enter into the Old Republic game, and they did not give up the original WoW game. According to statistics, 17 percent of the players not only browsed the WoW official site but also have viewed the site of the Old Republic. Like the Curse of Thieblot said: a lot of players may willing to try new MMORPG, but they will not abandon the original playing game. These trends may explain that the prospect of the “Old Republic” is not very clear.

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