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Medical Foods for both Children and Parents

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Health is always more important than anything else in our precious health. But due to our busy schedules and hectic life, man hardly pay attention to our health and body. Many products have been launched in to the market, as he don’t take proper and required supplements for our body. For each and every deficiency there are many branded health products. Hence, it is more important to select the best result providing and more effective product.


Today, most of health issues are in parents and children is due improper diet. Thus, it is found that many of them have fatal health, pale and thin body. For the people, who does consume proper food and work heavy hours and hours, here is suggestion of two mostly preferred and highly recommended by doctors Medical Food. That is : Nutricia Super Soluble Duocal Powder and

Neocate Junior Formula Powder


The medical food(powdered form) which provides carbohydrates and fat or increases the intake of calorie required for good energy for a pale person. Nutrica Super Soluble Duocal Powder is a good soluble with same taste or texture of beverages. It is fructose, lactose, sucrose and gulten free. The amount of energy distribution about this is Carbohydrates 59% and Fat (MCT 35% / LCT 65 %) 41%. Also, it is suitable for tube and oral feedings. It is more dense calorically, 1scoop (5g) provides 25kcal. Its intakle is determined by a medical professional which is dependent on the age, body weight and medical condition of the paitent.


Nutrica Super Soluble Duocal Powder Indications:

  • More Energetic Diets

  • Electrolyte and Protein restricted diets

  • Disorders of Amino acid and protein metabolism.


As per the body of children between 1 to 10 years old with severe impairment of the gastrointestinal tract, Neocate Junior Formula Powder is a nutritionally complete, powdered amino acid-based medical food. It is 100% amino acids free, hypo-allergenic. It includes extra vitamins and minerals for malabsorptive conditions. It has high protein which is equivalent for GI issue repair. In this, carbohydrate content is formulated into minimize osmotic load, as its osmolality: unflavoured (590 mOsm/kg). The standard dilution of this product is 1kcal/mL. It must be used under the medical supervision as the intake of this product is dependent on certain factors. In case, if you prefer for oral feeding, measure the required amount of cool or warm water in the container. It is not for Parental use and not for child under age 1 year old.


These products are hight recommend by medical department as its effectiveness is more appreciated seeing the results. Hence, you can found these main products easily on website With this, there are other many health, medical, electrical items available.
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